Richardson RFPD Datasheets for Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors

Heavy duty rectangular connectors are designed to accommodate large electrical loads and direct signals under a multitude of operating conditions.
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Product Name Notes
.025 [0.64] Centerline Matched Impedance Connector (MICTOR)
.050 x .100 AMPMODU System 50
.050"" AMPMODU 50/50 Grid Receptacle
.050, .075, .100 Box Connectors
.100 AMPMODU Headers, Housings & Contacts
.100"" AMPMODU Receptacles
.163"" Centerline, 600 V, 9.5 A max. Housing
.200"" Centerline, 250 V, 13 A max. Housing
.4mm, .5mm, .6mm, .8mm, Fine Pitch, Surface Mount, Stacking Bd-to-Bd Connectors
0.025 Series and Hybrid Connectors and Contacts
0.8mm AMPMODU Micro Interconnect
1.27 [.050] Series I, HD, FH and J Connectors
2.16 [.085] IDC Connectors
2mm Centerline Multi-Directional Interconnection System
5mm (.197"") Centerline, 600 V, 14 A max. (Metrimate) Housing
AMP-HDI (Four Beam) & TBC (Twin Beam) Connectors
Arinc 404 Kit, MME2P106P36C7P-0004 (204) with EMI Fingers
Commercial MATE-N-LOK Housing
Crimp Termination
DVI Receptacles
Eurocard Type C
FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) Connectors
M-ZIF Wire-to-Board Connectors
Memory Sockets
MIC (Multiple Interlock Connectors)
Micro-Match Board-Board & Ribbon-Board Connectors
Micro-Power & Power Quadlok System
Mini Crown Edge High Current Connectors
MTA, CST-100 II, MT-6 and SL Connectors and Headers
Nanominiature DUALOBE® (Shrouded) Connectors & Jumper Assemblies
Pluggable Connectors, Cages, Transceivers & Accessories
Post Shunts
Power Tap
Receptacles, Plugs and Loopback Assembly
Ribbon Cable Connectors (AMP-Latch)
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Superseal 1.5 Series
Universal MATE-N-LOK Housing
Universal MATE-N-LOK® Connector Housing
Z-Pack 2mm HM Type C 55 Pos. Right Angle Male Connector Assembly
Z-Pack/A_F-Header Kit Preshielded