Richardson RFPD Datasheets for Wire Terminals

Wire terminals are passive conductors used to facilitate a connection that is not soldered.
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Product Name Notes
.062"" Commercial Pin & Socket Connector
.100 AMPMODU Headers, Housings & Contacts
.163"" Centerline, 600 V, 9.5 A max. Contact
1 mm Free Height (IEEE 1386)
20 DF Socket Contact Gold Flash/Duplex LP
3mm Centerline, 250V, 5 A max. Contact
AMPOWER Terminals
ARINC 600/404 Contacts and Accessories
BNC Contact Receptacle
BNC Dual Crimp Contact Male
BNC-Dual-Crimp Contact
BRAID-PIC, RF Connectors
Commercial MATE-N-LOK Contact
Contact Assembly
Contact BNC Dual Crimp
Contact BNC Plated
Contact COMM BNC
Contact Plated
Contact, 75 Ohm BNC
Contact, 75 Ohm COML BNC, Plate
Contact, 75 Ohm, BNC Purch
Contact, BNC, Male, DC, Au Plated
Contact, BNC, Plated
Contact, Center, COML BNC, Plated
Contact, Center, Dual Crimp, Series TNC
Contact, Female, SMB, AU Plated
Contact, Jack, COML BNC, Gold Plated
Contact, Jack, COML BNC, Plated
Contact, Jack, COML BNC
Contact, Male, BNC, DC, Au Plated
Contact, Male, BNC, Dual Crimp
Contact, Male, COML, BNC, PUR
Contact, Mini UHF
Contact, Miniature UHF, Plated
Contact, Miniature, Series UHF, Plated
Contact, Plated, COML BNC
Contact, Plated
Contact, Plug, COML BNC
Contact, Plug, Comm BNC & TNC
Contacts-AMPMODU Machine Applied
Crimp Contact, BNC Dual
Crimp Termination
Economy Power Connectors Contact
Faston Uninsulated Receptacles & Housings
Heavy Duty Contacts
High Current ELCON Drawer Connectors
High Performance Interconnects (HPI)
Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK Contact
Miniature/Standard AMP-IN Terminals
MTA, CST, CST-100 II and SL Contacts
MULTILOCK Connectors and Contacts
Multiple Circuit Housings with Tabs & Receptacles Including Fastin-Faston
Multiple Coaxial Contacts (COAXICON)
Power Double-Lock Connectors
Quick Disconnect Receptacles - Insulated
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Ring and Spade Tongue Terminals
Signal Contact
SMP/SMPM RF Connectors
Standard Cable Connectors
Subminiature D Pin/Socket Connectors for MIL-C-24308 and MIL-C-39029
Termi-Foil Terminals & Splices
Type C Coax, Standard DIN Contacts
UHF/Miniature UHF, RF Connectors
Ultra-Fast Receptacles & Tabs
Universal MATE-N-LOK Contact
Universal MATE-N-LOK II Contact
Universal MATE-N-LOK® Connector Contact