Richardson RFPD Datasheets for Logic Decoders and Demultiplexers

Logic decoders and logic demultiplexers move data between inputs and outputs. In the case of digital decoders, the coded information is translated into familiar or uncoded formats, while digital multiplexers transmit data from one input through to several output lines. 
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Product Name Notes
Encoder/Decoder -- 288VCC5F162B2
Encoder/Decoder -- 290S0069
Encoder/Decoder -- 290S0070
Encoder/Decoder -- 290VAB0F081B3
Encoder/Decoder -- 290VAB0K081B3
Encoder/Decoder -- 290VBB0F081B3
Encoder/Decoder -- 290VBB0K081B3
Encoder/Decoder -- 290VBC0F201B2
Encoder/Decoder -- 291V1022F624AB
Encoder/Decoder -- 291V1022F832AB
Encoder/Decoder -- 291V1022F832BB
Encoder/Decoder -- 291V1222R624BB
Encoder/Decoder -- ADP5585ACBZ04R7
Encoder/Decoder -- ADV7180BCP32Z
Encoder/Decoder -- ADV7180BCP32Z-R
Encoder/Decoder -- ADV7341BSTZ
Encoder/Decoder -- ADV7393BCPZ
Encoder/Decoder -- EVAL-ADV7392EBZ
Encoder/Decoder -- MCS3122-I/ST
Encoder/Decoder -- MCS3122T-I/ST
Encoder/Decoder -- MCS3142-I/ST
Encoder/Decoder -- MCS3142T-I/ST
Encoder/Decoder -- MICRF302YML-TR
Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Company, is a specialized electronic component distributor providing design engineers with deep technical expertise and localized global design support for the latest new products from the...
Encoder/Decoder -- ADP5585ACPZ-01R
Encoder/Decoder -- ADP5585ACPZ-03R
Encoder/Decoder -- ADP5585ACPZ00-R
The ADP5585 is a 10 input/output port expander with a built in keypad matrix decoder, programmable logic, reset generator, and PWM generator. Input/output expander ICs are used in portable devices...
Encoder/Decoder -- ADP5589ACBZ-00R
Encoder/Decoder -- ADP5589ACBZ-01R
Encoder/Decoder -- ADP5589ACBZ-02R
The ADP5589 is a 19 I/O port expander with built-in keypad matrix decoder, programmable logic, reset generator, and PWM generator. I/O expander ICs are used in portable devices (phones, remote...
Encoder/Decoder -- ADV7180WBCPZ
Encoder/Decoder -- ADV7180WBCPZ-RL
The ADV7180 automatically detects and converts standard analog baseband television signals compatible with worldwide NTSC, PAL, and SECAM standards into 4:2:2 component video data compatible with the 8-bit ITU-R BT.656...