Richardson RFPD Datasheets for Sensor Chips

Sensor chips are dies incorporating semiconductor circuit elements that are used to convert changes to some physical parameter to an electrical signal.
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Product Name Notes
Temperature Sensor -- ADT7302ARTZ-R7 ±2°C Accurate, MicroPower Digital Temperature Sensor in 6-Lead SOT-23
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL345BCCZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL345BCCZ-RL7
3-Axis, ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g/±16 g Digital Accelerometer
Temperature Sensor -- TMP05BKSZ-500R7 Complete Temperature Monitoring System
Temperature Sensor -- AD7415ARTZ05R7 Digital Output Temperature Sensor
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADIS16209CCCZ High Accuracy, Dual-Axis Digital Inclinometer and Accelerometer
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL103CE Precision ±1.7 g or ±18 g Single-Axis iMEMS® Accelerometer
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL203CE Precision ±1.7 g, ±5 g, ±18 g Dual-Axis iMEMS® Accelerometer
Accelerometer Sensor -- AD22293Z
Accelerometer Sensor -- AD22293Z-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- AD22293Z-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- AD22372Z-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- AD22372Z-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADCMXL10211BMLZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADCMXL3021BMLZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADIS16500AMLZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADIS16507-1BMLZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADIS16507-2BMLZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADIS16507-3BMLZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1001BCPZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1001BCPZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1001BCPZRL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1002BCPZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1002BCPZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1002BCPZRL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1003BCPZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1003BCPZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1003BCPZRL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1004BCPZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1004BCPZRL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1005BCPZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1005BCPZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL1005BCPZRL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL185BWBRDZUP
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL189BWBRDZUP
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL288WBRDZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL295WBRDZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL312WACPZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL312WACPZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL313WACPZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL313WACPZRL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL316WBCSZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL316WBCSZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL316WBCSZRL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL317WBCSZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL326BCPZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL335BCPZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL354BEZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL354BEZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL354BEZ-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL354CEZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL354CEZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL354CEZ-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL355BEZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL355BEZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL355BEZ-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL356BEZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL356BEZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL356BEZ-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL356CEZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL356CEZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL356CEZ-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL356TEZ-EP
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL356TEZ-EPRL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL356TEZEPRL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL357BEZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL357BEZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL357BEZ-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL362BCCZ-R2
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL362BCCZMIR7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL362BCCZMIRL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL371BCCZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL371BCCZ-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL372BCCZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL372BCCZ-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL375BCCZ-RL7
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL700WBRWZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL700WBRWZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL701WBRWZUPR
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXRS800WBRGZ
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXRS800WBRGZRL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXRS810WBRGZRL
Accelerometer Sensor -- EVADE9000SHIELD
Miscellaneous Sensor -- AD22100ARZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- AD8363ACPZ-R2
Miscellaneous Sensor -- AD8363ACPZ-WP
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16445BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16448BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16448BMLZ-P
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16460AMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16465-1BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16465-2BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16465-3BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16467-1BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16467-2BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16467-3BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16480BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16485BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16487BMLZCP
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16488CMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16489BMLZ-P
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16490BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16500/PCBZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16505-1BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16505-2BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16505-3BMLZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS165071/PCBZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS165072/PCBZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS165073/PCBZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADP5061ACBZ-4R7
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADPD2211ACPZ-R7
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADPD2211ACPZ-RL
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADPD2212ACPZ-R7
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADPD2212ACPZ-RL
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADPD2214ACPZ-R7
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADPD2214ACPZ-RL
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADUX1020BCPZRL7
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADXRS642BBGZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADXRS649BBGZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- EVALADUCM331QSP
Miscellaneous Sensor -- HPP845E134R5
Miscellaneous Sensor -- MPX5999D
Miscellaneous Sensor -- TMP36FSZ
Temperature Sensor -- AD22100STZ
Temperature Sensor -- AD590JCPZ-R5
Temperature Sensor -- AD590JF/883B
Temperature Sensor -- AD590JRZ
Temperature Sensor -- AD590KRZ
Temperature Sensor -- AD590LH
Temperature Sensor -- AD590LH/883B
Temperature Sensor -- AD595CDZ
Temperature Sensor -- AD7314ARMZ
Temperature Sensor -- AD7414ARTZ0500
Temperature Sensor -- AD7817BRUZ-R7
Temperature Sensor -- AD8495CRMZ
Temperature Sensor -- ADT7302ARMZ
Temperature Sensor -- ADT7311WTRZ-RL
Temperature Sensor -- ADT7311WTRZ-RL7
Temperature Sensor -- ADT7411ARQZ
Temperature Sensor -- ADT7422CCPZ-RL7
Temperature Sensor -- ADW75001Z0REEL7
Temperature Sensor -- DC2126A
Temperature Sensor -- G-NIMO-003
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2983CLX#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2983HLX#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2983ILX#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2984CLX#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2984HLX#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2984ILX#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2986CLX#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2986CLX-1PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2986HLX#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2986HLX-1PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2986ILX#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2986ILX-1PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2995CUD#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2995CUDTRPBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2995HUD#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2995HUDTRPBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2995IUD#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2995IUDTRPBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2996CDD#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2996CDDTRPBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2996HDD#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2996HDDTRPBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2996IDD#PBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2996IDDTRPBF
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2997CDCBTRMP
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2997CDCBTRPB
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2997HDCBTRMP
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2997HDCBTRPB
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2997IDCBTRMP
Temperature Sensor -- LTC2997IDCBTRPB
Temperature Sensor -- TMP05BRTZ-500R7
Temperature Sensor -- TMP06BRTZ-500R7
Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Company, is a specialized electronic component distributor providing design engineers with deep technical expertise and localized global design support for the latest new products from the...
Temperature Sensor -- AD7414ARTZ05R7 SMBus/I2C Digital Temperature Sensor in 6-Pin SOT with SMBus Alert and Over Temperature Pin
Temperature Sensor -- AD7814ARTZ-R7
Temperature Sensor -- AD7814ARTZ500R7
Temperature Sensor: 10-Bit Digital in 6-Lead SOT-23
Temperature Sensor -- AD590JH The AD590 is a 2-terminal integrated circuit temperature trans-ducer that produces an output current proportional to absolute temperature. For supply voltages between 4 V and 30 V, the device acts...
Temperature Sensor -- AD592ANZ
Temperature Sensor -- AD592BNZ
The AD592 is a two terminal monolithic integrated circuit temperature transducer that provides an output current proportional to absolute temperature. For a wide range of supply voltages the transducer acts...
Temperature Sensor -- AD597ARZ The AD596/AD597 is a monolithic temperature setpoint controller which has been optimized for use at elevated temperatures More such as those found in oven control applications. The device cold junction...
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16136AMLZ The ADIS16136 iSensor® is a high performance, digital gyro-scope sensing system that operates autonomously and requires no user configuration to produce accurate rate sensing data. It provides performance advantages with...
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADIS16228CMLZ The ADIS16228 iSensor® is a complete vibration sensing system that combines triaxial acceleration sensing with advanced time domain and frequency domain signal processing. Time domain signal processing includes a programmable...
Accelerometer Sensor -- AD22037Z The ADXL103/ADXL203 are high precision, low power, complete single- and dual-axis accelerometers with signal conditioned voltage outputs, all on a single, monolithic IC. The ADXL103/ ADXL203 measure acceleration with a...
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL206HDZ The ADXL206 is a precision, low power, complete dual-axis iMEMS® accelerometer for use in high temperature environ-ments. The accelerometer integrates the sensor with signal conditioned voltage outputs on a single,...
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL345TCCZ-EP
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL345TCCZEPR7
The ADXL345 is a small, thin, ultralow power, 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurement at up to ±16 g. Digital output data is formatted as 16-bit twos complement and...
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL346ACCZ The ADXL346 is a small, thin, ultralow power, 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurement at up to ±16 g. Digital output data is formatted as 16-bit twos complement and...
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL362BCCZ-RL
Accelerometer Sensor -- ADXL362BCCZ-RL7
The ADXL362 is an ultralow power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer that consumes less than 2 μA at a 100 Hz output data rate and 270 nA when in motion triggered wake-up...
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADXRS646BBGZ
Miscellaneous Sensor -- ADXRS646BBGZ-RL
The ADXRS646 is a high performance angular rate sensor (gyroscope) that offers excellent vibration immunity. Bias stability is a widely-recognized figure of merit for high performance gyroscopes, but in real-world...
Temperature Sensor -- TMP36GRTZ-REEL7 Voltage Output Temperature Sensors