Richardson RFPD Datasheets for I/Q Modulators and I/Q Demodulators

I/Q modulators and I/Q demodulators change the amplitude, frequency, or phase of a carrier signal in order to transmit information. I/Q modulators split an incoming data stream into its in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) components, mix the resulting signals with local oscillators that are 90º apart in phase, and then combine the outputs vectorially in a 0º mixer.
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Product Name Notes
Modulator/Demodulator -- AD8345AREZ 140 MHz to 1000 MHz Quadrature Modulator
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADL537505ACPZR7 400 MHz to 6 GHz Broadband Quadrature Modulator
Modulator/Demodulator -- AD8348ARUZ 50 MHz to 1000 MHz Quadrature Demodulator
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADL5385ACPZ-R7 50 MHz to 2200 MHz Quadrature Modulator
Modulator/Demodulator -- AD8349AREZ 700 MHz - 2.7 GHz Direct Up-Conversion Quadrature Modulator
Modulator/Demodulator -- MAAD-008683-IN2 MACOM’s EKIN2-10D is an I/Q Demodulator. Ideally suited for Direct Demodulation in Cellular Base Stations. Typical system applications include GSM, DCS1800, W-CDMA, and PCS air interfaces. Parts are packaged in...
Modulator/Demodulator -- EKIN2-1082TR MACOM's EKIN2-1082 is a passive, high performance surface mount Modulator. It is ideally suited for Direct Modulation in Cellular Base Stations. Parts are packaged in tape & reel.
Modulator/Demodulator -- MA4IQP900H-1291 MACOM's MA4IQP900H-1291T is a silicon monolithic 850-960 MHz, high barrier, I/Q Modulator/Demodulator. Encapsulated in a low cost, miniature surface mount FQFP-N 6mm Square, 28 lead plastic package the die utilizes...
Modulator/Demodulator -- SA90-0001 MACOM's SA90-0001 is a Vector Modulator that significantly reduces the required board space compared to hybrid solutions. The monolithic passive elements will lead to greater repeatability lot-to-lot. Low amplitude ripple...
Modulator/Demodulator -- CHM1483-QFG/20 QFN Packaged 10-16 GHz Direct Modulator. GaAs Monolithic Microwave IC. UMS 10-16GHz direct quadrature modulator packaged integrates a double-balanced mixer (LO suppression and Image Rejection) and a LO buffer. It...
Envelope Tracking - Power Modulator -- ADL5371-EVALZ
Envelope Tracking - Power Modulator -- ADL5375-05EP-EV
Envelope Tracking - Power Modulator -- ADL5375-15-EV
Envelope Tracking - Power Modulator -- ADL5385DIFFLO-E
Envelope Tracking - Power Modulator -- SKY73077-459LF
Envelope Tracking - Power Modulator -- SKY73078-459LF
Modulator/Demodulator -- AD630JNZ
Modulator/Demodulator -- AD8347ARUZ
Modulator/Demodulator -- AD8348ARU
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADA2200ARUZ
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADL537505SCPZEP
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADL5380ACPZ
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADL5380ACPZ-R7
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADL5382ACPZ-WP
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADL5387ACPZ-R7
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADL5387ACPZ-WP
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADRF6801-EVALZ
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADRF6820-EVALZ
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADRF6850BCPZ
Modulator/Demodulator -- BGX7101HN/1-115
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC1097LP4E
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC1097LP4E-EVL
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC1097LP4ETR
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC1197LP7FE
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC1197LP7FETR
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC500LP3E
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC597LP4ETR
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC630LP3E
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC631LP3E
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC631LP3ETR
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC795LP5E
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC795LP5ETR
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC870LC5
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC870LC5TR
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC871LC5
Modulator/Demodulator -- HMC871LC5TR
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5502EGN#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5502EGN#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5506EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5506EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5515EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5515EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5516EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5516EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5517EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5517EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5518EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5518EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5528EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5528EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5546EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5546EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5558EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5558EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5568-2EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5568-2EUFTRPB
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5568EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5568EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5571EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5571EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5572EUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5572EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5575EUF#TRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5584IUFTRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5585IUFTRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5586IUHTRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5588IPF-1TRP
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5589IUF#PBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5589IUFTRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5594IUHTRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5598IUFTRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5599IUFTRPBF
Modulator/Demodulator -- MAIA-007099-000
Modulator/Demodulator -- PM-103-PIN
Modulator/Demodulator -- SG1524J
Modulator/Demodulator -- SG2526BN
Modulator/Demodulator -- SKY73009-11-BLK
Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Company, is a specialized electronic component distributor providing design engineers with deep technical expertise and localized global design support for the latest new products from the...
Modulator/Demodulator -- SKY73009-11 Skyworks SKY73009 is an integrated, broadband, high-dynamic range quadrature demodulator for use in various wireless communication system applications. The SKY73009 can perform quadrature demodulation of RF input signals from 400...
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADA2200ARUZ-RL7 Synchronous Demodulator and Configurable Analog Filter. The ADA2200 is a sampled analog technology synchronous demodulator for signal conditioning in industrial, medical, and communications applications. The ADA2200 is an analog input,...
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADL5375-05ACPZ The ADL5375 is a broadband quadrature modulator designed for operation from 400 MHz to 6 GHz. Its excellent phase accuracy and amplitude balance enable high performance intermediate frequency or direct...
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADL5385ACPZ The ADL5385 is a silicon, monolithic, quadrature modulator designed for use from 50 MHz to 2200 MHz. Its excellent phase accuracy and amplitude balance enable both high performance intermediate frequency...
Modulator/Demodulator -- ADRF6755ACPZ The ADRF6755 is a highly integrated quadrature modulator, frequency synthesizer, and programmable attenuator. The device covers an operating frequency range from 100 MHz to 2400 MHz for use in satellite,...
Modulator/Demodulator -- LT5575EUF#PBF The LT5575 is an 800MHz to 2.7GHz direct conversion quadrature demodulator optimized for high linearity receiver applications. It is suitable for communications receivers where an RF signal is directly converted...
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5584IUF#PBF The LTC5584 is a direct conversion quadrature demodulator optimized for high linearity receiver applications in the 30MHz to 1.4GHz frequency range. It is also usable in the 10MHz to 30MHz...
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5585IUF#PBF The LTC5585 is a direct conversion quadrature demodulator optimized for high linearity receiver applications in the 400MHz to 4GHz frequency range. It is suitable for communications receivers where an RF...
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5586IUH#PBF The LTC5586 is a direct conversion quadrature demodulator optimized for high linearity zero-IF and low IF receiver applications in the 300MHz to 6GHz frequency range. The very wide IF bandwidth...
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5588IPF-1PBF The LTC5588-1 is a direct conversion I/Q modulator designed for high performance wireless applications. It allows direct modulation of an RF signal using differential baseband I and Q signals. It...
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5594IUH#PBF The LTC5594 is a direct conversion quadrature demodulator optimized for high linearity zero-IF and low-IF receiver applications in the 300MHz to 9GHz frequency range. The very wide IF bandwidth of...
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5598IUF#PBF The LTC5598 is a direct I/Q modulator designed for high performance wireless applications, including wireless infrastructure. It allows direct modulation of an RF signal using differential baseband I and Q...
Modulator/Demodulator -- LTC5599IUF#PBF The LTC5599 is a direct conversion I/Q modulator designed for low power wireless applications that enable direct modulation of differential baseband I and Q signals on an RF carrier. Single...