Richardson RFPD Datasheets for Amplifier and Comparator Chips

Amplifier and comparator chips are board-level components for amplifying voltage, current, or power.
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Product Name Notes
2.7 V, 800 µA, 80 Mhz Rail-to-Rail I/O Single Amplifier
400 MHz, Low Power, High Performance Amplifier
Dual Low Power Current Feedback Amplifier
High Performance, 145 MHz FastFET™ Op Amp
High Speed, Low Power Wide Supply Range Amplifier
Low Cost, 300 MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifier (Single)
Low Cost, High Speed Rail-to-Rail Amplifier (Single)
Low Cost, High Speed, Single, Rail-to-Rail Amplifier
Low Cost, Single, 300 MHz Voltage Feedback Amplifier
Low Distortion, High Speed Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Amplifier
Low Noise, High Speed Amplifier for 16-Bit Systems
Low Power, 350 MHz Voltage Feedback AmplifiersAmplifier
Low-Power High-Speed Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Op-Amp
Precision, Low Cost, High Speed, BiFET Dual Op Amp
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The AD8031 (single) and AD8032 (dual) single-supply, voltage feedback amplifiers feature high speed performance with 80 MHz of small signal bandwidth, 30 V/?s slew rate, and 125 ns settling time.
Ultralow Distortion, Ultralow Noise Op Amp
Very Low-Cost High-Speed FastFET™ Op Amps

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