Richardson RFPD Datasheets for RF Attenuators

RF attenuators are circuits that reduce the power level of a signal by a certain amount (gain), with little or no reflection. They reduce the output signal with respect to the input and measure the power reduction in decibels (dB).  
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Product Name Notes
AH Attenuators SMA, up to 23 GHz, 2 Watts
Attenuators GPO™, DC - 18 GHz, 2 Watts
BNC Male to Female Attenuator Housing
Flangeless Attenuator 100 Watts
Full Flange Attenuators
Full FlangeAttenuators
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SMA 6 GHz Attenuator, Plug to Jack Hex Body.
SMA 6 GHz Attenuator, Plug to Jack Hex Body
SMA, up to 18 GHz, 2Watts
SMPM Attenuator, DC-18 GHz, 2 Watts

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