Richardson RFPD Datasheets for D-Subminiature Connectors

D-subminiature or D-sub connectors are sturdy electrical connectors with a mating face shaped like the letter D. They provide polarization because male and female connectors can fit together in only one way.
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Product Name Notes
.050 Series Board Mount Connectors
.050 Series Cable Connectors (SCSI)
1.27 [.050] Series II and Series III Connectors
AMPLIMITE Subminiature D Connectors
Assy, Amplimite, Plug, 11C1 Low Profile, Size 2, Series 109
D-Sub H/D 15Recpt, 30"", 3.18mm
D-Sub Stacked 9p rcpt over 9p Plug, G/F
Kit, ST, UK
Plug, Pin Contacts Hi-Density D Connector Size 1, 15 Position, Nonmagnetic
Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Company, is a specialized electronic component distributor providing design engineers with deep technical expertise and localized global design support for the latest new products from the...
Series 700 High Performance Filtered Connectors
Spectrum Control Series 700 connectors offer the highest performance filtering for all types of professional applications.
Spectrum Control’s Series 500 are cost effective, highly reliable EMI filtered D-subminiature connectors that feature a .318"" footprint for 90 degree PCB connectors and a low profile housing on straight...
Stacked Connectors
Standard Board Mount Connectors
Standard Cable Connectors
Subminiature D Pin/Socket Connectors for MIL-C-24308 and MIL-C-39029
The miniaturization of electronic systems and subsystems is pushing designers to increase circuit densities within smaller packages. To address this growing need, Spectrum Control has developed a line of filtered...
The Series F filtered D-subminiature connectors incorporate a solid slab of ferrite material as the filtering element. This rugged one piece design provides a compact connector that is a drop-in...
These versatile and widely used PCB connectors are an inexpensive filtering method that eliminates the problem of conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI). Chip-cap plug and receptacles are available in 9, 15,...