Richardson RFPD Datasheets for Gunn and IMPATT Diodes

Gunn diodes or transfer electron devices (TED) exhibit a negative resistance region. They are used in high-frequency applications, often for building RF oscillators. Impact ionization avalanche transit-time (IMPATT) diodes are designed to operate at very high frequency and power. They are used as elements in RF and microwave devices.
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Product Name Notes
RF Gunn Diode -- MG1052-30 Microsemi’s GaAs Gunn diodes, epi-up (anode heatsink), are fabricated from epitaxial layers grown at MSC by the Vapor Phase Epitaxy technique. The layers are processed using proprietary techniques resulting in...
RF Gunn Diode -- MG1007-42
RF Gunn Diode -- MG1020-M16
RF Gunn Diode -- MG1022-M16
RF Gunn Diode -- MG49411-42
RF Gunn Diode -- MG49618-9.47
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