Richardson RFPD Datasheets for IC Phase-locked Loops (PLL)

IC phase-locked loops (PLL) are closed-loop frequency controls that are based on the phase difference between the input signal and the output signal of a controlled oscillator.
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Product Name Notes
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4001BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4001BRUZ
200MHz Clock Generator PLL
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4156BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4156BRUZ
6.2 GHz Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4153BCPZ-RL7 Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC832LP6GE Fractional-N PLL with Integrated VCO 25 MHz to 3000 MHz. The HMC832 is a 3.3 V, high performance, wideband, fractional-N, phase-locked loop (PLL) that features an integrated voltage controlled oscillator...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4150BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4150BCPZ-RL7
Fractional-N/Integer-N PLL Synthesizer
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4150HVBCPZ High Voltage, Fractional-N/ Integer-N PLL Synthesizer
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4252BCPZ Lowest Phase Noise PLL Synthesizer using Fractional-N Technology
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4002BRUZ Phase Detector / PLL Frequency Synthesizer
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4106BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4106BRUZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4108BCPZ
PLL Frequency Synthesizer
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- 5962L1420401VXA
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4002BRUZ-RL7
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4106BRUZ-RL
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4106SRUZ-EP
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4106SRUZEPR7
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4107BRUZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4110BRUZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4110BRUZ-RL7
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4113BRUZ-R7
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4113HVBCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4118BRUZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4152HVBCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4152HVBCPZR7
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4155BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4158CCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4158WCCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4169CCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4169CCPZ-RL7
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4169WCCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4169WCCPZRL7
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4193BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4355-2BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4355-3BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF43553BCPZRL7
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4355BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4905BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADL5506-EVALZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC1031MS8E
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC1031MS8ETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC1032LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC1033LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC1033LP6GETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC1034LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC1034LP6GETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC1035LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC247-SX
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC700LP4
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC700LP4E
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC700LP4ETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC702LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC702LP6CETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC703LP4E
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC703LP4ETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC704LP4E
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC704LP4ETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC764LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC7650LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC767LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC769LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC769LP6CETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC778LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC8074LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC8074LP6GETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC820LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC820LP6CETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC821LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC821LP6CETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC822LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC822LP6CETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC824LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC828LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC829LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC830LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC830LP6GETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC831LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC832ALP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC832ALP6GETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC832LP6GETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC833LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC833LP6GETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC834LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC835LP6GE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC835LP6GETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC836LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC836LP6CETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC837LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC838LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC838LP6CETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC839LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC839LP6CETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC840LP6CE
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- HMC840LP6CETR
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- LTC6950IUHH#PBF
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- LTC6950IUHHTRPB
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- MSPD2018-E50
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- MSPD2018-E50SM
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Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4117BRUZ Single, Integer-N 1.2 GHz PLL
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4112BRUZ Single, Integer-N 3.0 GHz PPL With Programmable Prescaler And Charge Pump
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4113BRUZ Single, Integer-N 4.0 GHz PLL With Programmable Prescaler And Charge Pump
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF41020BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF41020BCPZRL7
The ADF41020 frequency synthesizer can be used to implement local oscillators as high as 18 GHz in the up conversion and down conversion sections of wireless receivers and transmitters.
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4150HVBCPZR7 The ADF4150HV is a 3.0 GHz, fractional-N or integer-N frequency synthesizer with an integrated high voltage charge pump. The synthesizer can be used to drive external wideband VCOs directly, eliminating...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4151BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4151BCPZ-RL7
The ADF4151 allows implementation of fractional-N or integer-N phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers if used with an external voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), loop filter, and external reference frequency.
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF41513BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF41513BCPZRL7
The ADF41513 is an ultralow noise frequency synthesizer that can be used to implement local oscillators (LOs) as high as 26.5 GHz in the upconversion and downconversion sections of wireless...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4350BCPZ-RL7 The ADF4350 allows implementation of fractional-N or integer-N phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers if used with an external loop filter and external reference frequency. The ADF4350 has an integrated voltage...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4351BCPZ
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4351BCPZ-RL7
The ADF4351 allows implementation of fractional-N or integer-N phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers when used with an external loop filter and external reference frequency. The ADF4351 has an integrated voltage...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF5356BCPZ-U1 The ADF5356 allows implementation of fractional-N or integer N phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers when used with an external loop filter and an external reference frequency. The wideband microwave VCO...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- CMOD225-10-100 The CMOD225-10-100 is a PLL module that phase locks an internal Ultra-low phase noise 100 MHz VCXO to an external 10 MHz input frequency reference. If no input reference is...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- PFD1K The PFD1K is a high frequency phase frequency detector with fully differential inputs and outputs. It features dual 7 bit programmable high speed prescalers which allow the PFD1K to operate...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- VF900703 The VF900703 is a Phase-Lock-Loop, Frequency Translator and Jitter Attenuator which accepts an input frequency of 161.1328 MHz or 156.250 MHz and provides an output frequency at 156.250 MHz. The...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- VFJA402-006 The VFJA402 is a Phase-Lock-Loop and jitter attenuator capable of providing an output frequency up to 200MHz. Two select inputs [S1,S0] allow the user to select 1 of 3 preset...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- VFJA910 The VFJA910 is a Phase-Lock-Loop and Jitter Attenuator that provides two LVCMOS outputs with a frequency of 25MHz. With less than 0.4 dBc of jitter peaking the device allows for...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- VFJA915 Valpey Fisher Phase-Lock-Loop Jitter Attenuators offer a completely integrated clock/PLL timing solution for synchronization, clock and data recovery, and jitter attenuation in SONET/SDH/ATM network elements. Various models are available in...
Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) -- ADF4350BCPZ Wideband Synthesizer with Integrated VCO