Richardson RFPD Datasheets for Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are modular, insulated blocks that secure two or more wires together. Terminal blocks consist of an insulating body and a clamping device. Their flexibility allows wiring to be centralized and makes it easier to maintain complex control circuits.
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Product Name Notes
7P Terminal Block, PCB, High Temperature
Barrier Strips, Barrier Strip Sockets
CTS 7602-602LF is a two-position feedthru EMI-Filtered terminal block with 12,000 and 27,000 pF capacitance values. Insertion Loss is 28 dB at 10 MHz, 45 dB at 100 MHz, 70...
Europa Terminal Blocks
NEMA Terminal Blocks
Terminal Block Connectors
The barrier strip filtered terminal block is designed provide excellent EMI/RFI filtering of AC and DC power lines and control lines. This terminal block is available in various sizes, with...