Lapp Tannehill Datasheets for Hookup Wires

Hookup wires are used in low current, low voltage (under 1000 V) applications within enclosed electronic equipment. They are also used in control panels, meters, computers, business machines, and appliances.
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Product Name Notes
Bulk wire used in wiring harnesses for passenger cars and light trucks, agricultural, tractors, construction, locomotive and off-the-road vehicles.
Cables used for automotive electrical wiring. Very flexible. Meets Ford spec ESB-MIL 85-A and Chrysler spec MS-5919.
Cables used for automotive electrical wiring. Very high flexibility, and good oil resistance.
Can be used for automotive applications where higher heat resistance is required. Cables used for automotive electrical.
Can be used for automotive starters or battery grounds in accordance with SAE J-1127.
Can be used for automotive starters or battery grounds where resistance to abrasion, heat and aging is needed.
For use in general circuit wiring. It also is used in wiring harnesses in passenger cars and light trucks, agricultural tractors, construction, locomotive and off-the-road vehicles.
For use in TV receivers, stoves, heaters, furnaces, signs, dryers, lighting fixtures, and high temperature electronic devices, etc.
Harmonized and CE-conforming cables are utilized on electronic and electrical equipment. For wiring devices, switch gear cabinets, and distribution boxes. Under plaster, closed installation, or areas where damage to electronic...
Hook-up/lead wire which has international approvals to satisfy the requirements of both North America and Europe.
Internal wiring of appliances and domestic, commercial and industrial ovens. Also used in cooking, curing/drying equipment. Ideal for high temperature, harsh environments.
Lapp Tannehill also offers a variety of Bus Bar wire – tinned or bare. Commonly used in networks which use a common backbone to connect all devices, Bus Bar wire...
Lapp Tannehill is a stocking distributor of high performance PTFE hook-up/lead wire. PTFE hook-up/lead wire can be used in many applications some of which include internal wiring of electronic equipment...
Military and commercial aerospace wire and cable are applied in many different applications such as communications, aircraft and in-flight entertainment markets, microwave markets, along with many other markets and applications.
Single core wire with a thin wall XLP insulation, is for use in engine compartments where high heat resistance is required according to SAE-J-1128.
Single core wire, has an extra thinwall of XLP insulation for automotive applications requiring smaller diameters and minimal weight.
Use to make solder-less connections of wires to terminals. High temperature resistant, and superior mechanical properties.
Used for internal wiring for appliance and electronic equipment, panels, meters, and point-to-point wiring, and many other applications.
Used for internal wiring in time-recording machines, electronic equipment within chassis, and many other various applications.
Used for internal wiring of appliances; or where exposed to oil at a temperature not exceeding 80C. For electronic use only.
Used for internal wiring of commercial, industrial, and household ovens as well as cooking equipment, suited for severe hot locations in industrial processing.
Used for machine tool wiring and internal wiring. Applications include wiring for refrigeration, A/C equipment, washer/dryer, etc.
Used in motors, transformers, appliances, electrical circuits, high-temperature conditions, and where moisture may be present.