Cole-Parmer Datasheets for Laboratory Spatulas

Laboratory spatulas are tools with a broad, flat blade for generic mixing, spreading, and scraping of lab substrates and industrial compounds. They commonly have a second blade or spoon for other tasks.

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Product Name Notes
PTFE Coated Lab Spatula w/ 1.5" Flat Taper x 1.25" Flat Round Ends; 1/Pk -- GO-06369-11
PTFE-coated lab spatula, with 1 1/4"L spooned end and 1 5/8"L flat squared end -- GO-06369-12
• Fully covered with PTFE coating<emdash>ideal for handling chemicals Double-ended spatulas are completely covered with extra heavy-duty coating of PTFE<emdash>prevents buildup on surfaces or loss of critical quantities due to...
PTFE-coated lab spatula, with 1/2"L spooned end and 1 1/2"L flat rounded end -- GO-06369-10 • Fully covered with PTFE coating<emdash>ideal for handling chemicals Haymen type end Double-ended spatulas are completely covered with extra heavy-duty coating of PTFE<emdash>prevents buildup on surfaces or loss of critical...
Spatula, wood, non sterile, 6"L x 11/16"W -- GO-14001-50 • Ideal for sample collection, cleaning, stirring, and microbial analysis Use these general-purpose samplers for mixing, stirring, and collecting specimens. |Wood spatulas are made from close-grained, northern white birch for...
Wood Spatula, splinter-free birch, sterile, 6"L x 11/16"W -- GO-14001-51 • Individually wrapped to prevent sample contamination • Ideal for sample collection, cleaning, stirring, and microbial analysis Obtain accurate results when collecting samples by using these sterile samplers. Choose from...
Corning Single-use sterile spatula, flat end/spoon -- GO-06265-08
Corning Single-use sterile spatula, round end/spoon -- GO-06265-04
Corning Single-use sterile spatula, small spoon/spoon -- GO-06265-02
Corning Single-use sterile spatula, tapered blade/spoon -- GO-06265-00
Corning Single-use sterile spatula, V-scoop/spoon -- GO-06265-06
• Modified polystyrene construction—nontoxic and chemical resistant Never waste time resterilizing spatulas again. Each spatula is individually packaged and comes gamma irradiation sterilized for no ETO residues. Spatulas are RNase/DNase...
Micro Lab Spatula w/ One Pointed End, PTFE-Coated SS, 7.25" L, 2/Pk -- GO-01019-20
Micro Lab Spatula w/ One Squared End, PTFE-Coated SS, 7.25" L, 2/Pk -- GO-01019-18
Micro Lab Spatula w/ One Tapered End, PTFE-Coated SS, 7.25" L, 2/Pk -- GO-01019-16
• PTFE coating is ideal for handling chemicals PTFE-coated ends provide an inert surface for handling chemicals—prevents loss due to sticking. Coating is FDA compliant for direct food contact applications.
Sample Spatula, stainless steel blade w/ wood handle -- GO-33687-34 • Quickly covers a wide area This durable spatula has a large blade which makes collecting samples easy. Use to collect solid surface samples or to remove the first layer...
LevGo 17211 Smart Spatula Disposable Spatula, blue 210 mm -- GO-06265-18
LevGo 17221 Smart Spatula Disposable Spatula Opaque 210 mm -- GO-06265-12
LevGo 17231 Smart Spatula Disposable Anti static Micro Spatula, Opaque 140 mm -- GO-06265-14
LevGo 17241 Smart Spatula Disposable Macro Spatula, Green 310 mm -- GO-06265-16
LevGo 17251 Smart Spatula Sterile Disposable Spatula Opaque 210 mm, 100/pk -- GO-06265-20
• Reduce cross-contamination • Use as a disposable spatula, stir rod, or policeman Disposable polypropylene (PP) spatulas are ideal for chemical and biological material transfer, collection, and manipulation. Spatulas features...
EcoSpatula Single-Use Biodegradable Spatula, PP, 144 mm, 300 Pack -- GO-06265-24 • Reduce waste in landfills • Biodegrades an average of 13.9% in the first 162 days Because of exposure to chemicals and other biological materials, most laboratory plastics end up...
Scienceware stainless steel vibrating spatula -- GO-06264-50
Scienceware stainless steel vibrating spatula with PTFE coating -- GO-06264-55
• Simply spin the thumbwheel to control the amount added Move the toothed thumbwheel to “vibrate†the blade—lets you add as little or as much of your precious material as...
Spatula, "Reagent Digger", 304SS, 6.5" L, 12/pk -- GO-01019-13 Facilitates scooping and measuring of powdered, flaked, crystalline, or granular media—especially useful for dislodging caked or crystallized reagents. Uniquely shaped stainless steel spatula fits reagent vessels with openings as small...
Lab Spoon/Spatula, 304 SS, 12"L, 5 mL, 1-1/2"W spoon end, 1-3/16"W spatula end -- GO-01019-14 Lab spoon/spatula measures 12'' (30.5 cm) long—ideal for sampling from larger bottles.
Nickel/SS Lab Spatulas with 0.5" Spoon x 1.25" Flat Ends, Hayman Style; 3/Pk -- GO-06369-09
Nickel/SS Lab Spatulas with 0.5" V-Shaped x 1.5" L-Shaped Ends; 3/Pk -- GO-06369-08
Nickel/SS Lab Spatulas with 1.13" Spoon x 1.63" Flat Blunt Ends; 3/Pk -- GO-06369-16
Nickel/SS Lab Spatulas with 1.5" Flat Blunt x 1.63" Flat Round Ends; 3/Pk -- GO-06369-18
Nickel/SS Lab Spatulas with 1.5" Flat Tapered x 1.75" Rounded Ends; 3/Pk -- GO-06369-07
Nickel/SS Lab Spatulas with 1.63" Flat Rounded and Flat Tapered Ends; 3/Pk -- GO-06369-06
Nickel/SS Lab Spatulas with 1.63" Flat Rounded Ends; 3/Pk -- GO-06369-05
Nickel/SS Lab Spatulas with Single 0.75" L Spoon End, Hayman Style; 3/Pk -- GO-06369-03
Nickel/stainless steel spatulas come in a variety of end styles. All spatulas have a glazed finish, except for models 06369-05, and -16 which have a mirror finish.
Scienceware polypropylene sampling spatula -- GO-06262-10 Polypropylene (PP) Spatula features a sharp point which lets you puncture bags for direct sampling. Sturdy edge breaks up caked material. V-shaped trough measures 6" (15.2 cm) L x 3/4"...
Autoclavable PP Spatula, 4-1/2" L x 5/8" W; 10/Pk -- GO-06283-10
Autoclavable PP Spatula, 6-1/2" L x 1" W; 12/Pk -- GO-06283-20
Autoclavable PP Spatula, 6-1/2" L x 1-3/16" W; 12/Pk -- GO-06283-30
Polypropylene (PP) spatulas feature excellent chemical and heat resistance. They are virtually unbreakable—spatulas retain their original shape after flexing. <b>Autoclavable.</b>
Scienceware sterile polystyrene sampling spatula -- GO-06262-00 Polystyrene (PS) Spatula holds twice the volume of standard reusable spatulas—volume level full is 15 mL. Sturdy edge breaks up caked material. Individually sterilized and bagged.
375985 - Disposible Cuvette Stirring Rod/Spatulas; 1000/Cs -- GO-06343-35 Polystyrene, disposable, cuvette stirring spatulas measure 120 mm long by 3 mm in diameter. Packed 500 stirrers in a polyethylene bag; 2 bags (1000 stirrers) per case.
NSF-Approved High-Heat Spatulas, PP/Rubber, 13-1/2"L -- GO-06278-25
NSF-Approved High-Heat Spatulas, PP/Rubber, 16-1/2"L -- GO-06278-35
NSF-Approved High-Heat Spatulas, PP/Rubber, 9-1/2"L -- GO-06278-15
Scooping, spooning, and spreading have never been easier with these spoon-shaped spatulas. The sturdy polypropylene (PP) handle is permanently bonded to a flexible rubber blade. Spatulas withstand temperatures to 212<deg>F...
13.5" Long Rigid Nylon Scraper Spatula, 7" x 4.5" Blade; 1/Pk -- GO-06266-10
Nylon scraper spatula with flexible blade -- GO-06266-15
Short, comfortable handle and wide nylon blade make these scraper spatulas ideal for your hard-to-clean containers. Model 06266-10 has a rigid blade for increased strength; model 06266-15 has a soft...
CoorsTek Glazed Porcelain Spoon/Spatula, 0.1 mL, 3-7/8" L; 1/Pk -- GO-17828-00
CoorsTek Glazed Porcelain Spoon/Spatula, 0.3 mL, 4-7/8" L; 1/Pk -- GO-17828-02
CoorsTek Glazed Porcelain Spoon/Spatula, 0.5 mL, 6-1/2" L; 1/Pk -- GO-17828-04
CoorsTek Glazed Porcelain Spoon/Spatula, 1.0 mL, 7-3/4" L; 1/Pk -- GO-17828-06
Spatula/spoon, glazed porcelain, autoclavable, CoorsTek, 6.0 mL, 10" (254 mm) L -- GO-17828-08
Spatula/spoons are glazed all over. <b>Autoclavable.</b>
Stainless steel spatula with hardwood handle -- GO-06369-15 Straight, flexible stainless steel blade with riveted hardwood handle.
Two-sided polyamide spatula, double spatula -- GO-06260-40
Two-sided polyamide spatula, spoon/spatula -- GO-06260-42
Strong polyamide spatulas are glass fiber reinforced. Good chemical resistance against solvents; poor resistance to acids or oxidizing agents. Choose either double spatula or spoon/spatula style. Flat spatula end measures...