Cole-Parmer Datasheets for Force and Load Sensors

Force and load sensors covers electrical sensing devices used to measure tension, compression, and shear forces.
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Product Name Notes
“S†Beam Tension and Compression Load Cells
• Compact, economical gauges for handheld or test stand applications • High speed 2,000 Hz peak sampling rate • USB data output • Backlit graphic display with large digits •
• Motorized for reliable and repeatable test results • Measure real-time and peak pull-off force up to 200 lbF (1 kN) for wire and tube terminations while meeting UL, ISO,...
• Simple, cost-effective tension and compression testing with data logging capability • Three modes of operation—track, peak and preset limits—offer maximum flexibility • 180° reversible display with tension/compression icons and...
• Sophisticated, easy-to-use force gauges for force measurement up to 500 lb • High speed 3,000 Hz peak sampling rate • USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs • Backlit graphic...
0.25 x 0.0002 lb, 100 x 0.1 gF, 1 x 0.001 N, 110 V
Advanced Digital Force Gauge
Advanced force/torque indicator
Basic force/torque indicator
Cantilever Beam Tension and Compression Load Cells
Compact digital force gauge
Data logging multifunction force gauge
Digital Force Gauge with Outputs
Digital force gauge
Force Dial
Force Gauge 60Lbs Push/Pull Force Gauge 60 X .500LBS.Capacity
High capacity force gauge with PC interface
High capacity force gauge
Industrial Load Cells
Mechanical force gauge
Microprocessor Controlled Digital Force Gauge
Miniature industrial load cell
Miniature low-profile tension links
Mounting kit, BGI, table top
Multifunction force gauge
Pancake Tension and Compression Load Cells
Professional fore/torque indicator
Push/Pull Force Gauge
Sub-miniature load cell |Small in size and capable of highly accurate readings, the LCFD Series comprises subminiature load cells for precision industrial applications. They are all stainless steel, measure both...
Superior Performance For Capacities Up to 1,000 Pounds FEATURES|<UL> <LI>Reversible display |<LI>Outstanding accuracy (±0.2% F.S.) |<LI>Peak measurement for both compression and tension |<LI>1000Hz update rate |<LI>Reversible keypad |<LI>Rechargeable batteries |<LI>Field...
Tension and Compression Load Cells

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