Cole-Parmer Datasheets for Temperature Indicating Coatings and Materials

Temperature indicating paints and materials include labels, paints, crayons, or other markers that change color or shape when exposed to a certain temperature.  These products are typically non-reversible and are designed for one-time use.
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Product Name Notes
• Each style covers a wide range of temperatures, for use in many different application • Non-toxic / non-hazardous temperature measuring alternative • Easy to read and unbreakable These self-adhesive...
• Ideal for use in refrigerator, freezer and cooler applications • Nontoxic nonhazardous temperature-measuring alternative These self-adhesive reusable temperature labels provide a safe, accurate, easy-to-read means for monitoring low temperatures.
• Reliable proof that the product was maintained at the correct temperature • Used as a quick inspection tool that the product is in usable condition during the shipping and...