Cole-Parmer Datasheets for Check Valves

Check valves are self-activating safety valves that permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing. They are classified as one-way directional valves. 
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Product Name Notes
• Ideal for high-purity, low pressure • Zero maintenance • No metal components<emdash>in ert flow path • No back flow leakage with back pressure of 0 to 100 psi Unlike...
• Ideal for low-pressure applications Choose from economical LDPE with neoprene disc; autoclavable PP with neoprene disc; or autoclavable PP with Hastelloy C<reg> springs, O-rings made of Viton<reg>, and built-in...
• Ideal for water and wastewater treatment • Provides oxygenation and mixing capabilities essential for biological treatment processes Diffuser aeration systems provide increased oxygen content to wastewater in treatment facilities.
• Use with liquids and gases for pressure or vacuum applications • Breaking pressure is 0.18 psi, closing pressure is 0.014 psi • Install in any position <b>Note:</b> Valves require...
All valves have Viton<reg> diaphragms.
Constructed of acetal, NBR rubber, and 303 stainless steel. Maximum temperature is 150<deg>F (66<deg>C). Install in any position.
Designed for use with corrosive fluids of varying viscosities in chemical, microelectronics, and petroleum industries.
Foot valve screens
MIDI Check Valve
PP stopcocks have plugs made of PTFE and are autoclavable. Maximum temperature is 275<deg>F (135<deg>C); maximum pressure is 10 psi; (Nalgene<reg>). PVDF stopcocks are rated for 464<deg>F (240<deg>C); maximum pressure...
Use these push-to-connect check valves for rigid and semirigid plastic tubing. Acetal body with EPDM O-rings. Temperature range of 34<deg>F (1.1<deg>C) to 150<deg>F (65.6<deg>C).
Valves have body made of PFA and O-ring seals made of Viton<reg>. Max pressure is 100 psi; temperature range is 0 to 300<deg>F (–18 to 149<deg>C). Install in any position.<br>
Valves with socket and NPT(F) threaded connectors