Cole-Parmer Datasheets for Laboratory Tongs

Laboratory tongs are tools used for grasping and lifting materials or labware.
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Product Name Notes
Color Coded Extra-Fine Pointed Tip 5 Tweezers, Green, 4.25" L; 1/pk -- GO-07291-05
Color Coded Straight Fine Tip AA Tweezers, Yellow, 5.24" L; 1/pk -- GO-07291-04
Color Coded Straight Flat Tip 2A Tweezers, Black, 5.75" L; 1/pk -- GO-07291-01
Color Coded Straight Ultra-Fine Tip 3C Tweezers, Blue, 5.75" L; 1/pk -- GO-07291-02
Color Coded Super-Fine Curve Point Tip 7 Tweezers, Orange, 4.5" L; 1/pk -- GO-07291-06
Color Coded Tapered Strong Tip 00 Tweezers, Red, 4.75" L; 1/pk -- GO-07291-03
• Each style has a unique color for easy identification Durable colored coating for high visibility which helps you quickly identify the tweezer needed for a particular application. Anti-acid, anti-magnetic...
ESD Plastic Tweezers, Curved Fine Tip, Pattern 707A -- GO-07289-43
ESD Plastic Tweezers, Fine Tip, Pattern 707 -- GO-07289-42
ESD Plastic Tweezers, Flat Fine Tip, Pattern 709 -- GO-07289-44
ESD Plastic Tweezers, Flat Round Tip, Pattern 702A -- GO-07289-40
ESD Plastic Tweezers, Flat Wide Tip, Pattern 710 -- GO-07289-45
ESD Plastic Tweezers, Ultra Fine Tip, Pattern 705 -- GO-07289-41
• Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD), will not hold any charge • Made from polyetheretherketone reinforced with 30% carbon fiber (PEEK/CF30) • Resist heat to 572<deg>F (300<deg>C). Rigid plastic tweezers feature a...
Lighted Tweezers, Blunt Tip, Heated-Treated Steel; 1/Pk -- GO-07288-32
Lighted Tweezers, Fine-Bent Tip, Heated-Treated Steel; 1/Pk -- GO-07288-34
Lighted Tweezers, Pointed Tip, Heated-Treated Steel; 1/Pk -- GO-03288-30
• On the spot illumination for those dark confined spaces Push on and off powerful LED light lights up your work surface. Non-slip comfort grips provide exceptional relief from hand...
Platinum Crucible Tongs, 9.8" L (250 mm) -- GO-17830-85 • Prohibit contamination at high temperatures up to 2192<deg>F (1200<deg>C) • Protect your investment with platinum tongs that reduce possible damage and scratches to platinum crucible when hot. Platinum offers...
Carbon Fiber Soft and Strong, Round-Tapered Tip Tweezers, 5" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-02 A slightly larger tip provides more surface area and gripping ability.
Steel Plated Beaker Tongs, 9" (Zinc plated steel) -- GO-06443-06 Beaker tongs feature strong zinc-plated steel construction with flat riveted joints and vinyl coated sleeves that open to 7". Tongs can handle beakers from 50 ML to 1500 ML capacity.
Cole-Parmer Comfort Grip Tweezer, 2A, 1/pk -- GO-07288-15
Cole-Parmer Comfort Grip Tweezer, 3C, 1/pk -- GO-07288-17
Cole-Parmer Comfort Grip Tweezer, 5, 1/pk -- GO-07288-21
Cole-Parmer Comfort Grip Tweezer, 7, 1/pk -- GO-07288-19
Comfort grips tweezers provide exceptional relief from hand fatigue. Tweezer tips are manufactured with stainless steel and can withstand temperatures to 190<deg>C (375<deg>F).
Carbon Fiber Tweezers, Curved Tip Fine, 7CF -- GO-07289-09 Conductive and well suited to handle delicate and fragile components. Anti-magnetic, anti-acid, stainless steel grips are fully ESD safe. Soft and non-scratching, every tweezer is manually finished and tested for...
Carbon Fiber Soft and Strong, Tapered-Pointed Tip Tweezers, 5" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-04 Fine tips for delicate and precise work.
WA056 - Troemner Polycarbonate Tweezer for weights 1mg through 200g -- GO-01027-88 Forceps / Tweezers are designed for proper handling of weights. Stainless steel forceps are available in 5†and 8†sizes and are designed in a smooth tip, curved tip, straight...
Azlon Heavy-Duty PMP Serrated Pointed Fine Tip Tweezers, 4.5" L; 6/Cs -- GO-07290-50
Azlon Heavy-Duty PMP Serrated Rounded Tip Tweezers, 9.75" L; 6/Cs -- GO-07290-56
Heavy-duty, readjusting tweezers are available in sharp or rounded ends with fine serrated grips. Tweezers are made from rigid, impact-resistant and temperature-resistant polymethylpentene (PMP). Able to withstand temperatures up to...
Tweezers, curved, Smooth Rounded Tips 2AB -- GO-07290-06
Tweezers, curved, Very Fine and Smooth Tips 7-STD -- GO-07290-08
Ideal for handling semiconductors, silicone chips, and delicate wafers. Static dissipative for use with sensitive components where ESD damage is a concern. Temperature resistant up to 220<deg>C; tips do not...
Crucible Tongs, Stainless Steel, (Overall length: 9") -- GO-06443-07 Overall length 9", riveted joints, tips are serrated.|
Stainless Steel Self-Locking Fine Tip Tweezers, 4.75" L; 12/Pk -- GO-07288-01
Tweezers, stainless steel, curved serrated tips, 4.5"L, 12/pak -- GO-07288-05
Tweezers, stainless steel, curved tips and finger serations, 7"L, 12/pak -- GO-07288-03
Tweezers, stainless steel, serrated tips, 6"L -- GO-07288-12
Tweezers, stainless steel, spade tip, 4.5"L, 12/pak -- GO-07288-07
Tweezers, stainless steel, straight, 4.25"L, 12/pak -- GO-07288-06
Tweezers, stainless steel, straight, fine tips, serrated grips, 7"L -- GO-07288-04
Tweezers, stainless steel, straight, narrow tips, 12"L -- GO-07288-14
Recommended for consumer electronics and all types of industrial applications, these stainless steel tweezers have excellent tip hardness and are corrosion resistant.
Stainless Steel Serrated Straight Tip Tweezers, 4.75" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07287-03
Tweezers, stainless steel, angled, ultra fine tips, 4-1/4"L -- GO-07287-08
Tweezers, stainless steel, curved, fine tips, 4-1/2"L -- GO-07287-09
Tweezers, stainless steel, straight, narrow, long fine tips, 5-1/2"L -- GO-07287-04
Tweezers, stainless steel, straight, strong precision tips, 5"L -- GO-07287-01
Tweezers, stainless steel, straight, thick, flat, strong tips, 4-3/4"L -- GO-07287-02
Tweezers, stainless steel, straight, ultra fine sharp tips, 4-1/4"L -- GO-07287-06
Tweezers, stainless steel, tapered, flat, tips, 4-3/4"L -- GO-07287-05
Tweezers, stainless steel, tapered, ultra fine tips, 4-1/4"L -- GO-07287-07
Recommended for micro electronics and precision assembly, these finely crafted stainless steel tweezers feature hand finished points for accuracy and excellent tip hardness. Anti-glare finish reduces eye strain. Anti-magnetic, anti-acid,...
Stainless steel tongs with PTFE coated tips -- GO-06443-00 Stainless steel tongs measures 9" long; 3" of the tips are coated with PTFE.
Sterile PS Serrated Square Tip Sampling Tongs, 4.25" L; 25/cs -- GO-06443-02 Sterile sample tongs are molded of polystyrene and have serrated ends to securely hold wet and dry samples. Individually wrapped, are ideal for one-time use and disposal.
Chemware PTFE Coated SS Tongs, 9-3/8" L; 1/Pk -- GO-06443-04
Square Tipped Autoclavable Tezfel (ETFE) Tongs, 10" L; 1/Pk -- GO-06442-00
Tefzel ETFE tongs measures 10"L and has 3/4" wide squared tips. Use to reach into deep tanks. Autoclavable.
Stainless Steel Tongs with Silicone Tips, 12" -- GO-06443-08 These 12" tongs can handle beakers up to 2L in capacity. Stainless Steel with Silicone coated tips.
Nickel-Plated Steel Crucible Tongs, 20" L; 1/Pk -- GO-06443-50 These nickel-plated steel tongs have positive-grip corrugated tips for safely handling dishes in muffle furnaces. Use with crucibles and dishes 1-1/2" (3.8 cm) in diameter or wider.
Ceramic Precision Smooth Curved Fine Tip Tweezers, 5" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07290-02
Ceramic Precision Smooth Fine Pointed Tip 71 Tweezers, 5.25" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07290-00
These tweezers meet the highest requirements for use in semiconductor manufacturing, cleanrooms, chemical laboratories, biotechnology, and circuit board manufacturing. Features an extremely smooth surface, and very low coefficient of friction.
Titanium Precision Smooth Fine Curve Tip 7 Tweezers, 4.25" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-36
Titanium Precision Smooth Fine Pointed Tip 2 Tweezers, 4.75" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-24
Titanium Precision Smooth Fine Tip 3 Tweezers, 4.75" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-28
Titanium Precision Smooth Pointed Tip AA Tweezers, 4.75" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-20
Titanium Precision Smooth Pointed Tip OO Tweezers, 4.75" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-22
Titanium Precision Smooth Round-Tapered Tip 2A Tweezers, 4.75" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-26
Titanium Precision Smooth Ultra-Fine Bent Tip 6 Tweezers, 4.25" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-34
Titanium Precision Smooth Ultra-Fine Tip 3C Tweezers, 4.75" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-30
Titanium Precision Smooth Ultra-Fine Tip 5 Tweezers, 4.25" L; 1/Pk -- GO-07289-32
Titanium tweezers are excellent for the silicon chip industry, for handling microscopic particles, and when working in a magnetic field as they are non-magnetic, lighweight, and strong. They do not...
Carbofib Tweezers 5" long with Sharp Fine tip -- GO-07289-12
Carbofib Tweezers 5" long with Tapered precision point for bending -- GO-07289-10
Polyamide Serrated Rounded Tip Tweezers, 7" L; 1/Pk -- GO-06446-20
Polyamide Serrated Rounded Tip Tweezers, 9.9" L; 1/Pk -- GO-06446-30
Yellow tweezers have rounded tips.