Cole-Parmer Datasheets for Chart Recording Paper and Consumables

Paper recording charts and consumables consist of circular charts, strip charts, markers, fanfolds, sheets, pens, and pen arms used in chart and strip recording instruments.
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Product Name Notes
• Get exacting performance that meets American Gas Association (AGA) standards • Calibrate pen arrays to a 15-minute time lag between static and differential on the Zero Line of a...
• Replacement 10" chart paper for Partlow 10" circular chart recorders like model Partlow ARC4100, Partlow, MRC 5000 and Partlow MRC 7000.
• These replacement pens fit a a wide variety of Dickson chart recorders. • Pens are packaged in a convenient six pack. • Pens are designed for clear chart lines...
Chart Recorder Paper
Chart Recorder Pen
For use with Supco Chart Recorder 80050-02 and 80050-12.
For use with Supco Chart Recorder 80050-02.
For use with Supco Chart Recorder 80050-12.
For use with the Supco Chart Recorder 80050-02.