Payson Casters, Inc. Datasheets for Casters

Casters are complete wheel and horn assemblies that attach to the bottom of equipment to allow movement and carry loads. There are two basic types of casters: rigid and swivel.
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Product Name Notes
Light-Duty Caster -- H020-20H
Light-Duty Caster -- H020-20X
Light-Duty Caster -- H020-30H
Light-Duty Caster -- H020-30X
Light-Duty Caster -- H020-40H
Light-Duty Caster -- H020-40X
Light-Duty Caster -- H020-50H
Light-Duty Caster -- H020-50X
Light-Duty Caster -- H021-20H
Light-Duty Caster -- H021-20X
Light-Duty Caster -- H021-30H
Light-Duty Caster -- H021-30X
Light-Duty Caster -- H021-40H
Light-Duty Caster -- H021-40X
Light-Duty Caster -- H021-50H
Light-Duty Caster -- H021-50X
Built of steel and embossed for extra strength
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H300-4UM-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H300-4UP-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H300-4UT-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H301-4UM-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H301-4UP-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H301-4UT-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H500-6UM-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H500-6US-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H500-6UT-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H500-6UV-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H501-6UM-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H501-6US-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H501-6UT-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H501-6UV-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H900-10UD-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H900-10UL-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H900-10UM-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H900-10UT-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H901-10UD-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H901-10UL-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H901-10UM-DW
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Caster -- H901-10UT-DW
Designed for top heavy loads that require more floor contact
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-4OH
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-4UK
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-4UM
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-4US
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-4UT
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-4UV
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-5OH
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-5UK
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-5UM
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-5US
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-5UT
Medium Duty Caster -- H070-5UV
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-4OH
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-4UK
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-4UM
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-4US
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-4UT
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-4UV
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-5OH
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-5UK
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-5UM
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-5US
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-5UT
Medium Duty Caster -- H071-5UV
Hardened steel construction
Light Medium Caster -- H050-30H
Light Medium Caster -- H050-30X
Light Medium Caster -- H050-31/2BR
Light Medium Caster -- H050-40H
Light Medium Caster -- H050-40X
Light Medium Caster -- H050-4BR
Light Medium Caster -- H050-50H
Light Medium Caster -- H050-50X
Light Medium Caster -- H050-5BR
Light Medium Caster -- H051-30H
Light Medium Caster -- H051-30X
Light Medium Caster -- H051-31/2BR
Light Medium Caster -- H051-40H
Light Medium Caster -- H051-40X
Light Medium Caster -- H051-4BR
Light Medium Caster -- H051-50H
Light Medium Caster -- H051-50X
Light Medium Caster -- H051-5BR
Heat treated and embossed for durability
General Duty Caster -- H760-21/2OH
General Duty Caster -- H760-21/2OX
General Duty Caster -- H760-21/2PS
General Duty Caster -- H760-2OH
General Duty Caster -- H760-2OX
General Duty Caster -- H760-2PS
General Duty Caster -- H760-3OH
General Duty Caster -- H760-3OX
General Duty Caster -- H760-3PS
General Duty Caster -- H760-4OH
General Duty Caster -- H760-4OX
General Duty Caster -- H760-4PS
General Duty Caster -- H761-21/2OH
General Duty Caster -- H761-21/2OX
General Duty Caster -- H761-21/2PS
General Duty Caster -- H761-2OH
General Duty Caster -- H761-2OX
General Duty Caster -- H761-2PS
General Duty Caster -- H761-3OH
General Duty Caster -- H761-3OX
General Duty Caster -- H761-3PS
General Duty Caster -- H761-4OH
General Duty Caster -- H761-4OX
General Duty Caster -- H761-4PS
Heavy gauge steel construction
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-3BE
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-3BE-WK
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-3BF
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-3BF-WK
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-4BE
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-4BE-WK
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-4BF
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-4BF-WK
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-5BE
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-5BE-WK
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-5BF
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX040-5BF-WK
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX041-3BE
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX041-3BF
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX041-4BE
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX041-4BF
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX041-5BE
Economy Light Medium Caster -- HX041-5BF
Ideal for food service and hospital equipment
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-4BN
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-4BN-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-4BR
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-4BR-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-4UM
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-4UM-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-5BN
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-5BN-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-5BR
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-5BR-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-5UM
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-5UM-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-6BR
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H050-6BR-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H051-4BN
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H051-4BR
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H051-4UM
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H051-5BN
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H051-5BR
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H051-5UM
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H051-6BR
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-5UM
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-5UM-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-5UT
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-5UT-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-6UM
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-6UM-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-6UN
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-6UN-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-6UT
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-6UT-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-8UM
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-8UM-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-8UN
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-8UN-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-8UT
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H200-8UT-SK
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H201-5UM
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H201-5UT
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H201-6UM
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H201-6UN
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H201-6UT
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H201-8UM
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H201-8UN
Super Lock Brake Caster -- H201-8UT
Light to medium duty applications, hardened heavy gauge steel construction
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H070-4USG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H071-4USG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H200-6USG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H200-8USG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H201-6USG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H201-8USG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H300-6USG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H300-8UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H301-6USG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H301-8UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H500-8UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H501-8UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H760-4USG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H761-4USG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H800-10UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H800-8UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H801-10UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H801-8UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H900-10UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H900-8UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H901-10UDG
V Grooved Wheel Caster -- H901-8UDG
Machined to fit snugly on angle iron track
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X200-6OH
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X200-6OX
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X200-6UM
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X200-6US
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X200-6UT
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X200-6UV
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X200-8UM
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X200-8US
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X200-8UT
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X200-8UV
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X201-6OH
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X201-6OX
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X201-6UM
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X201-6US
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X201-6UT
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X201-6UV
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X201-8UM
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X201-8US
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X201-8UT
Medium-Heavy Caster -- X201-8UV
Precision built for smooth easy operation
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X500-10UL
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X500-10UM
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X500-10US
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X500-6UM
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X500-6US
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X500-8UL
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X500-8UM
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X500-8US
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X501-10UL
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X501-10UM
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X501-10US
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X501-6UM
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X501-6US
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X501-8UL
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X501-8UM
Heavier-Duty Caster -- X501-8US
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-4UM
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-4UP
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-4US
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-5UM
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-5UP
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-5US
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-6UM
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-6UP
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-6US
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-8UM
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-8UP
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H190-8US
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-4UM
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-4UP
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-4US
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-5UM
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-5UP
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-5US
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-6UM
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-6UP
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-6US
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-8UM
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-8UP
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- H191-8US
Rugged cold forged steel construction