RS Components, Ltd. Datasheets for Pulling and Support Grips

Pulling grips are mechanical devices used for the holding of a wire or cable so that it can be pulled without damage to the wire or cable jacket.
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Product Name Notes
3659172 Capacity 4.5 tonnes. High quality, drop-forged steel components. Fast, safe and efficient and avoids the need for heating, hammering and prying. Designed to remove stubborn parts such as wheels, gears,...
Enerpac hydraulic puller sets contain both grip puller and cross bearing puller sets making them suitable for all pulling and pushing jobs in maintenance and repair. The puller sets are...
7324788 Equipped with spring-operated arms and a solid design, the patented SKF EasyPull is one of the most user-friendly and safe tools on the market. Ergonomically designed, the spring-operated arms enable...
Gedore Universal puller hydraulic, rigid legs with leg brake. The leg brake prevents unintentional leg slipping. The leg can be slid along the cross-beam at the push of a button.
1248444 The TMHS 100 hydraulic spindle from SKF generates a high pulling force with only a small amount of effort. Unlike standard mechanical spindles, they can dismount bearings in in a...