RS Components, Ltd. Datasheets for Hydraulic Oils and Transmission Fluids

Hydraulic oils and transmission fluids are used to transmit power in hydraulic equipment and power transmission applications.
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Product Name Notes
Castrol Hyspin® AWS is a high quality solvent-refined mineral oil based hydraulic fluid, treated to inhibit oxidation, foaming, and corrosion. Castrol Hyspin® contains anti-wear additives for use in high-rated hydraulic...
Enerpac HF-Series Hydraulic Oil is a mineral-based oil that has been specially designed to provide maximum film protection lubricity, maximum internal heat transfer, and maximum hydraulic pump volumetric efficiency. The...
Odourless, clear hydraulic fluid based on Poly Alpha Olefins. NSF H1 registered with high EP and anti-wear properties. Fully synthetic, premium hydraulic oil. Excellent resistance to water (ASTM D 1401).
4480680 Sapphire Hi-Power is a range of high performance compressor/hydraulic fluids. Uniquely suitable for use in both types of systems, Sapphire Hi-Power exhibits little or no sludge or varnish, even at...