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Vision sensors are industrial products that automate decisions and processes by the use of video cameras linked to application-specific software on a user interface. These are also known as machine vision systems, and are useful for measurement, pass/fail decisions, and inspection.

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A professional range of back-lights, Ring-lights and on-axis lights from Turck Banner for use with vision sensors. The on-axis series of lights are a creative solution for tricky inspections and...
Sick Inspector I40 Vision Sensor kit provides an intelligent vision solution in an easy to use sensor package. The vision sensor has features to solve inspection at high speed, incorporating...
Telemecanique Sensors OsiSense XUW vision sensors easily integrate into machinery and are dedicated to the inspection of manufactured parts. They allow checking of high production rate operations and ensure high...
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ZFV Smart Sensors (with Ultra-High-Speed CCD Camera) is designed so users can solve their inspection problem in minutes. Teach and Go with parameter settings at the touch of a button.