RS Components, Ltd. Datasheets for Pressure Indicating Films

Pressure indicating films use microencapsulated inks or transfer coatings to visually indicate, measure, and/or map the contact stress or pressure changes across a surface. They consist of one or two sheets and have separate color-forming and color-developing layers.
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Product Name Notes
6556818 Coloured pneumatic indicator with one-touch connection for semi-rigid tubing (NFE49100). Manufacturer Series = 84 Mount = Panel Inlet Port = 4mm Outlet Port = 4mm Maximum Input Pressure = 8bar...
Norgrens ROTOWINK pressure indicators give a clear visual indication of the presence or absence of pressure in a pneumatic circuit. ROTOWINK are availbale in contrasting colour combinations such as green...
These visual indicators are a reliable way of indicating the presence or absence of pressure in pneumatic control systems Panel mounting, 22.5mm Ø. May be mounted in any position. Suitable...