Bulbtronics, Inc. Datasheets for Projection Lamps

Projection lamps use a built-in reflector to concentrate light in a particular direction. They are used in applications such as slide projection, microfilm, overhead projection, movies, medical / scientific instruments, airport runways, and others.
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Product Name Notes
Blv (Ushio) Halo Lamp-T3
Blv (Ushio) Halo Lamp-T4
Bulbtronics Halo Lamp
Bulbtronics Halo Lamp-T3
Bulbtronics Halo Lamp-T4
Bulbtronics Halo Lamp-T6
Bulbtronics Incandescent Lamp-G16
Bulbtronics Incandescent Lamp-T8
Dr Fischer Halo Lamp-T3-Xenophot
Dr Fischer Halo Lamp-T4 1/2
Dr Fischer Incandescent Lamp-T5
Dr Fischer Incandescent Lamp-T5 3/4
Eiko Halo Lamp-T2 1/2
Eiko Halo Lamp-T5
Eiko Halo Lamp-T6
Eiko Halo Lamp-T7
Eiko Halo Lamp-T8
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-A21
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-Rt44
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-S11
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-T10
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-T12
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-T5
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-T5 1/2
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-T6
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-T7 1/2
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-T8
Eiko Incandescent Lamp-T8 1/2
General Electric Halo Lamp
General Electric Halo Lamp-T5
General Electric Halo Lamp-T6
General Electric Incandescent Lamp-A21
General Electric Incandescent Lamp-S11
General Electric Incandescent Lamp-T10
General Electric Incandescent Lamp-T12
General Electric Incandescent Lamp-T5
General Electric Incandescent Lamp-T8
Narva Halo Lamp-T4
Osram Halo Lamp-Mr11
Osram Halo Lamp-T3
Osram Halo Lamp-T4-Superphot
Osram Halo Lamp-T4.5
Osram Halo Lamp-T6
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-Mr11
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-Mr13
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-Mr16
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T 3 1/2
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T2
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T3
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T3 1/2
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T3.5
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T4
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T4 1/2
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T4-Xenophot
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T6
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T7
Osram Sylvania Halo Lamp-T8
Osram Sylvania Incandescent Lamp
Osram Sylvania Incandescent Lamp-A21
Osram Sylvania Incandescent Lamp-S11
Osram Sylvania Incandescent Lamp-S5
Osram Sylvania Incandescent Lamp-S8
Osram Sylvania Incandescent Lamp-T10
Osram Sylvania Incandescent Lamp-T10 Hg
Osram Sylvania Incandescent Lamp-T6
Osram Sylvania Incandescent Lamp-T8
Osram Sylvania Incandescent Lamp-Tube
Philips Halo Lamp-Mr11
Philips Halo Lamp-Mr16
Philips Halo Lamp-T 2 1/2
Philips Halo Lamp-T3
Philips Halo Lamp-T3 1/2
Philips Halo Lamp-T3.5
Philips Halo Lamp-T4
Philips Halo Lamp-T6
Philips Incandescent Lamp-G16 1/2
Philips Incandescent Lamp-T10
Philips Incandescent Lamp-T5 3/4
Philips Incandescent Lamp-T6
Radium Incandescent Lamp-G37
Radium Incandescent Lamp-Globe
Sunray Incandescent Lamp-S11
Ushio Halo Lamp-S11
Ushio Halo Lamp-T3 1/2
Ushio Halo Lamp-T4
Ushio Halo Lamp-T5
Ushio Halo Lamp-T6
Ushio Halo Lamp-T7
Ushio Halo Lamp-T8
Ushio Incandescent Lamp-A21
Ushio Incandescent Lamp-B12
Ushio Incandescent Lamp-G11
Ushio Incandescent Lamp-S11
Ushio Incandescent Lamp-T10
Ushio Incandescent Lamp-T12
Ushio Incandescent Lamp-T5
Ushio Incandescent Lamp-T6
Ushio Incandescent Lamp-T8
Ushio Incandescent Lamp-T8 1/2

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