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U.S. Plastic Corporation Datasheets for Laboratory Spatulas

Laboratory spatulas are tools with a broad, flat blade for generic mixing, spreading, and scraping of lab substrates and industrial compounds. They commonly have a second blade or spoon for other tasks.

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Product Name Notes
Each double-headed implement has two different tool heads, effectively offering twice the number of tools in one versatile kit. Tool heads comes with 2 small spoons that are used to...
Extra Long, V-shaped spatula is ideal for digging caked reagents from tall containers. Dislodge caked or crystallized reagents from deep within tall bottles or vessel having a neck diameter as...
Spatula is 10" long and is flexible and made of Nylon. Ideal for non-stick cookware and bakeware. Dishwasher safe.
The Sterileware Disposable Spatula is ideal for every type of powdered or granulated material. It makes sample taking faster, more convenient and helps prevent sample contamination. Also, because it holds...
These plastic spatula are molded in polypropylene, and feature a spoon on one side.