U.S. Plastic Corporation Datasheets for Wrenches

Wrenches, also known as spanners, are hand-held tools designed to provide a mechanical advantage in applying torque for turning bolts, nuts, and other wrench-friendly objects.
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Product Name Notes
Drum Wrench for 63mm Cap -- 3838 Dimensions: 10" Long
Container Wrenches -- 3469 Easy to use and very strong, use these drum wrenches to remove caps and plugs from containers. Lightweight and made of fiberglass filled nylon. Non-sparking.
1 1/2 in spanner tool w2611 -- 33091 The spanner wrench allows you to fully tighten the Labline fittings on to the Labline pipe.
Non Flammables Drum Wrench -- 2806 This drum wrench fits virtually all drum plugs and bungs. Use it for steel, fiber or plastic drums. Very durable and long lasting with a solid-one piece design. Made in...
Delex 15 Gallon Closed Top Container -- 180126 This high density polyethylene container is tough, chemically compatible with more lading than low density composites. Ideal for use with pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics. This non-corrosive container is one-piece molded...
Non-Sparking Drum Wrench -- 2808 This non-sparking drum wrench has an offset design and is made of bronze alloy. The 12" long handle provides maximum leverage.
Strap Wrenches -- 30104
Strap Wrenches -- 30106
This wrench provides gripping power without scratching or deforming plastic pipe or polished metal pipe. The specially woven nylon strap is extra strong and treated for slip resistance.