U.S. Plastic Corporation Datasheets for Platforms and Walkways

Platforms and walkways are equipment access structures that enable regular maintenance and inspection activites at elevated workspaces. Systems incorporate structural supports, walking surface decking or planks, framing, hardware, and accessories such as handrails, access gates, stairs, ladders, and kick plates.

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Product Name Notes
4 Drum Inline Spill Containment Platform & Ramp -- 3252 Load and unload drums easily with this low profile ramp. High-density polyethylene construction for superior strength and excellent chemical resistance. Works with 3252, 2318, 2319 & 2320 platforms. Dimensions: 45.5"...
Polyethylene Drum Platforms -- 2320 Weighs 112 lbs. 10000 lb weight capacity.
4 Drum Inline Spill Containment Platform -- 3250 Weighs 64 lbs. Load capacity 8000 lbs.
Polyethylene Drum Platforms -- 2319 Weighs 85 lbs. 8000 lb weight capacity. #3252 ramp pictured with platform sold separately.