U.S. Plastic Corporation Datasheets for Knobs (industrial)

Industrial knobs are small, usually round, devices that are designed for use on industrial machinery, electronic components, and metal cabinetry. They are usually made out of metal, plastic, or rubber and are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes.
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Product Name Notes
Phenolic Ball Knobs -- 85201
Phenolic Ball Knobs -- 85202
Phenolic Ball Knobs -- 85203
Phenolic Ball Knobs -- 85204
Phenolic Ball Knobs -- 85205
Phenolic Ball Knobs -- 85206
Phenolic Ball Knobs -- 85207
Phenolic Ball Knobs -- 85208
Clean, simple lines blend well with all types of styling. Five diameter sizes, with threaded brass inserts. Black only. Temp. 350 degrees F.
Push-Pull-Lift Phenolic Knobs -- 85220
Push-Pull-Lift Phenolic Knobs -- 85221
Pushing functions are facilitated by the large top surface of the knob. The good finger clearance provides excellent grasp for pulling and lifting. Widely used on push-pull rods, push buttons,...
3 Prong Knobs -- 85231
3 Prong Knobs -- 85232
3 Prong Knobs -- 85233
3 Prong Knobs -- 85234
3 Prong Knobs -- 85235
3 Prong Knobs -- 85236
These are injection molded clamping knobs made of Polypropylene. The standard color is black, with thru hole. All have brass inserts. The max temp is 240 deg F.
Polypropylene T-Handle Knobs -- 85244
Polypropylene T-Handle Knobs -- 85245
These injection clamping knobs are made of polypropylene. They all have brass inserts and are available in black only. The max temp is 240 deg F.
Phenolic T-Handle Knobs -- 85241
Phenolic T-Handle Knobs -- 85242
Phenolic T-Handle Knobs -- 85243
These knobs are especially designed for clamping operations such as fold-down handles on mowers and snowblowers, exercise equipment, light stands, electric trolling motor mounts, etc. Excellent resistance to oil, water,...
Phenolic Fluted Knobs -- 85210
Phenolic Fluted Knobs -- 85211
Phenolic Fluted Knobs -- 85212
Phenolic Fluted Knobs -- 85213
Phenolic Fluted Knobs -- 85214
These knobs feature large flutes for comfortable grasp and a sturdy hub design which makes them ideal for use on clamping devices, adjusting rods, valves, electrical controls, etc. Three diameter...
Knurled Knobs -- 85215
Knurled Knobs -- 85216
Knurled Knobs -- 85217
Knurled Knobs -- 85218
Knurled Knobs -- 85219
These Phenolic knobs feature a knurled band around the circumference with sturdy hub. Commonly used for light and medium duty torque applications. Features threaded brass inserts. They are available in...
Wing Knob -- 85227 This is a black polypropylene wing knob. It is 2-1/2in in length for a convenient and comfortable handle in many applications. The max temp is 240 deg F.
Phenolic Oval Tappered Knob -- 85209
Phenolic Oval Tappered Knob -- 85228
Phenolic Oval Tappered Knob -- 85229
Phenolic Oval Tappered Knob -- 85230
This knob is suitable for shift and control levers, push-pull rods, etc. The length is 1-1/4in; largest diameter is 3/4in; and the diameter at the tapered end is 3/8in. Features...