U.S. Plastic Corporation Datasheets for Tarpaulins

Tarpaulins are used to provide cover and protection from exposure to rain, sunlight, and other environmental conditions.
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Product Name Notes
Poly Spillpallet 2000 -- 3272 Protect employees and prevent costly cleanups by keeping overflows and spills off the floor and in the Poly-Spillpallet 2000 where they can be easily recovered. Eliminate costly environmental contamination with...
4-Drum In-Line Poly-Spillpallet 3000 -- 3271
Poly-Slim-Line 6000 -- 3270
Specifically designed to fit ENPAC Spill Containment Products, these reinforced HDPE tarps are used to cover drums/objects stored on spill pallets and IBCs units. Tarps prevent contamination of drums and...