U.S. Plastic Corporation Datasheets for Burettes

Burettes are tall cylindrical graduated cylinders, open at the top with a tap or stopcock at the bottom used for precisely dispensing liquids
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Product Name Notes
Nalgene Transparent Buret -- 67126
Nalgene Transparent Buret -- 67127
Acrylic body, polymethylpentene tip, TFE stopcock and plug made with Teflon* Resin. Used to dispense known amounts of liquid in an experiment. Crystal-clear; levels of colorless liquids are easily read.
Automatic Titrating Burette -- 83048 Burette Capacity: 25ml, Divisions: 0.10ml, Precision: +/- 0.045ml, Height: 61cm
Automatic Titrating Burette -- 83049 Burette Capacity: 50ml, Divisions: 0.10ml, Precision: +/- 0.045ml, Height: 87cm