U.S. Plastic Corporation Datasheets for Gas and Liquid Samplers

Gas samplers and liquid samplers extract specimens of media from process streams, reactors or storage vessels.
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Product Name Notes
Tapered Plug Sampler -- 80037 A smooth, tapered, stainless sampler for extracting a "plug" of material from bags or blocks of cheese, grease, soap, clay, etc. To use, push into material, rotate the handle one-half...
Sterileware Sampling Spoons -- 80135
Sterileware Sampling Spoons -- 80136
Sterileware Sampling Spoons -- 80137
Sterileware Sampling Spoons -- 80138
Designed to gather small amounts of sample material, these sampling spoons come in four sizes. The long handle reaches easily into confined areas and minimizes the potential of personal contact...
Economy Sampling Dippers -- 80122
Economy Sampling Dippers -- 80123
For convenient sampling from tanks, vats, streams, ponds, lakes, etc., these economy dippers are light, easy to use and portable. The polypropylene cups have threaded fittings that screw onto the...
Nalgene Disposable Droppers -- 83032 Low-density polyethylene molded in one piece. Non-wetting material, tapered tip, and bellows-type bulb provide excellent drop formation. Delivers 30 to 35 drops per ml. Safe and economical. Visible liquid level.
Reagent Digger -- 80154 Robust stainless steel tool scrapes and scoops caked samples from all vessels. Use it to retrieve flaked, powdered or granular media. Its V-shape directs sample dispensing. It is 229mm (9")...
Scienceware Safety Acid/Caustic Sampler -- 84090
Scienceware Safety Acid/Caustic Sampler -- 84091
This sampler is primarily for sampling from tank cars, trucks, barges, and process tanks. The 16 oz polyethylene bottle screws into the polypropylene bar at end of the handle. The...