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Product Name Notes
.050, .075, .100 Box Connectors - Contacts and Accessories
.250"" Centerline, 600 V, 19 - 36 A max. Housing
Adjustable wall/pipe mount allows 180°(included angle) azimuth and elevation adjustment.
All Metal Standard Version, Crimps DEC MMJ Plugs. Modular Tooling & Testers: Bomar’s tools which prepare and terminate cables for modular connectors are of professional quality. Manufactured for Bomar by...
Blue PVC Cable Boot (10 pieces)
BMA Mount, RG-58A/U, Length: 50 inches, SMA Male Connector
BNC RF Connectors
Bushing for .086"" OD Cable Conductor Pointing Tool.
Cable Stripping Jig for EZ 47, EZ 86, EZ 141, SUCOFORM 86 and 141.
Connex 47 Series Coax Crimp Tools utilize industry-standard crimp die set dimensions. Tool handles can be purchased separately or with die set installed. Full ratchet crimp action assures a complete...
Contact Soldering Tool, .141 Plug.
Crimp Die Set
Crimping Tool (Dies Included)
Economy Collar Mount for GPS-TMG-40.
Ferrule, Plated
For Hermetic Microstrip Receptacles
GSM 850/1900 Magnetic Mount Antenna with cable/connector - Cable L=2500mm; Gain: 0 dB; Magnet Mount; RG-174 cable; Connector SMA male type; Antenna Length: 229 mm; Cable Length: 2500 mm.
Hand Tool
Hardware (AMPLIMITE)
HL Series Features and Benefits Global coverage on a single module (LPWA/4G/3G/2G variants) with industry and mobile network certifications to get you to market faster Enhanced coverage with dual SIM...
Huber + Suhner Part Number:9075.99.0028
Insulating washer, connector pattern, 23, 25, serie BNC, TNC
Locator Tool
Low Power, Unity Gain, Fully Differential Amplifier and ADC Driver. The AD8476 is a very low power, fully differential precision amplifier with integrated gain resistors for unity gain. It is...
M Series Connectors
Man Strip Fed Tool .031x093
Max Base, contact washer, 5 pack set
Mobile antenna replacement coil for MLB2700.
Mobile antenna replacement coil for MUF4505NGP.
Mounting plate for Sencity Rail Multi antennas (Aluminium)
MT-RJ Connectors
Multiband Quarter Wave Stub 824 - 2200 Bulkhead 7/16 Female to 7/16 Female
Multiband Quarter Wave Stub 870 - 2200 Bulkhead 7/16 Female to 7/16 Female with Chain & Cap
Optical Face Cleaning Swabs
Pigtail 03 ft RG8X|•All Cable assemblies and jumpers 100% tested before shipping ensures best performance|•Most popular lengths in stock|•Custom coaxial cables available|•Automated cable processing for highest accuracy at competitive pricing...
Professional Grade Coaxial Die
Professional grade hex-crimp tools for coaxial connectors are available in ratchet and non-ratcheting types, both provide dependable service. Ratchet tools feature replaceable dies. Included is a convenient release mechanism to...
Protective cap for jack(f)
Relay Sockets and Accessories
Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Company, is a specialized electronic component distributor providing design engineers with deep technical expertise and localized global design support for the latest new products from the...
Sierra Wireless AirLink Mounting Brackets
Sivers Semiconductors presents a new, innovative RF Module covering the full 14 GHz of bandwidth (57 - 71 GHz) with 2D beam steering (steering in both azimuth and elevation). This...
Solder in Hermetic Seal
Taper Sleeve ,blue, jacket diam. 2.9 mm typ. G_02232_D
Test board with GaN HEMT installed
Test board without GaN HEMT
The AFV10700H-1090 evaluation board features NXP part AFV10700H and provides 770 Watts and 17 dB gain at 1090 MHz. The board includes mounted transistor and all associated components. Full circuit...
The CA Series cable assemblies offered by Pacific Wireless are engineered for peak performance up to 6GHz. They are tested 100% and certified to meet performance specifications. Equipment manufacturers require...
The MRF300AN-13MHZ evaluation board features NXP part MRF300AN and provides 300 Watts and 28 dB gain at 13.56 MHz. The board includes mounted transistor and all associated components. Full circuit...
The MRFX1K80H-128MHZ evaluation board features NXP part MRFX1K80H and provides 3775 Watts and 25.4 dB gain at 128 MHz. The board includes mounted transistor and all associated components. Full circuit...
The MRFX1K80N-230MHZ evaluation board features NXP part MRFX1K80N and provides 1800 Watts and 24.4 dB gain at 230 MHz. The board includes mounted transistor and all associated components. Full circuit...
The QC-IOTSAWKT-1 is a designer kit with the IoT developer in mind. The kit includes an assortment of high-performance SAW and BAW filters optimized for GNSS, 2.4GHz/WiFi/BT, as well SAW...
This quick and easy to use tool will assemble the end cap onto standard Right Angle MCX Plug connectors. Simply insert the connector and cap into the staking nest and...
Ultralow Power, Low Distortion ADC Driver
Violet PVC Cable Boot (10 pieces)

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