U.S. Plastic Corporation Datasheets for Knife Blades

Knife blades are sharp-edged industrial tools for shearing or cutting materials. A blade uses an edge to fracture and slice threw a material. A knife blade can be "toothed" but it still uses pressure against its edge as the primary means of cutting.
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Product Name Notes
B8 Replacement Blades -- 4797 B8 replacement blades for snap off cutters.
Regular Square Point Shop Knife -- 4560
Regular Square Point Shop Knife -- 4561
Regular Square Point Shop Knife -- 4562
Regular Square Point Shop Knife -- 4563
Regular Square Point Shop Knife -- 4564
Chrome vanadium steel, natural finish varnished birch handles, pinned to the blade with carbon steel pins and steel nickel-plated closed ferrules.
Snap Off Blade Utility Knife -- 4570 Cut wall covering, cardboard etc. 13 sharp points per blade. Retractable blade with 2 piece positive lock. One blade included.
Square Point Knife With Safety Guard -- 4521
Square Point Knife With Safety Guard -- 4522
Square Point Knife With Safety Guard -- 4523
Square Point Knife With Safety Guard -- 4524
Square Point Knife with Safety Guard -- 4525
Natural finish varnished birch handles pinned to the blade with carbon steel pins and steel nickel-plated, closed ferrules, and assures the finest grade of quality with safety guard.
Push Button Knife -- 4601 Retractable, all purpose utility cutter. Sharp two point blades are easily reversed. Blade B-3
Switchblade Utility Knife -- 4583
Switchblade Utility Knife -- 4598
Self retracting utility knife is safer on the job, or in your pocket. Reversable balde for use by left or right hand.
snap-off blade-13 point-pkg 5 -- 4796 Snap-Off Blades B-13 fits 4570, and many other snap-off cutters. 13 point 9mm.
Safety Cutter -- 4646 Some people might say, "It's just a blade". Actually it is a safety device in itself, when installed into the S5 safety cutter(s). These "purpose-built" blades significantly reduce cutter injuries,...
Rugged Retractable Snap Off Knife -- 4605 Steel cutting tool with a protective plastic jacket for tough and heavy-duty applications. Comes with two extra blades.
LIZARD Orange Safety Utility Knife -- 4667 The LIZARD safety utility knife minimizes cross-contaminations and laceration injuries with a unique mode of action, allowing a user to make a cut without ever having to touch a blade.
S7 Safety Carton Cutter -- 4811
S7 Safety Carton Cutter -- 4812
The S7 safety cutter is without equal & extremely functional. It is designed for safety, efficiency, and worker satisfaction, yet versatile enough for most fast-paced merchandising environments. This revolutionary cutter...
S5 Safety Cutter (3 Tools-in-1) -- 4810 This industry leading box cutter merges together a durable, integrated film cutter unit to bring you 3 tools-in-1 that includes box cutting, tape splitting and film cutting. Standard innovative features...
orange pockt safety cuttr w/spring back -- 4815
red pocket safety cutter w/spring back -- 4814
yellow pockt safety cuttr w/spring back -- 4816
What's in your pocket? Take it anywhere in the workplace for most small cutting jobs, then safely put it away in an apron or pocket when finished. The spring-back blade...
X-traSafe XS-CU Lizard Knife -- 4795 XtraSafe CU safety utility knife is a completely disposable utility knife developed for the food service and food processing industries. The blade never needs to be handled or changed. Knife...