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IC clocks are semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) that are designed to keep time.
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Product Name Notes
ITU-T G.8262 Synchronous Ethernet Jitter-Attenuating Clock Multiplier -- Si5328B-C-GM
ITU-T G.8262 Synchronous Ethernet Jitter-Attenuating Clock Multiplier -- Si5328C-C-GM
Description: The Si5328 is a jitter-attenuating precision clock multiplier for Synchronous Ethernet applications requiring sub 1 ps jitter performance and ultra-low loop bandwidth. When combined with a low-wander, lowjitter reference...
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334A
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334B
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334C
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334D
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334E
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334F
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334G
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334J
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334K
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334L
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5334M
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338A
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338B
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338C
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338D
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338E
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338F
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338G
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338H
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338J
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338K
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338L
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338M
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338N
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338P
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- Si5338Q
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- SL28PCIe10
Differential + LVCMOS Clock Generator -- SL28PCIe50
Silicon Labs’ programmable clock generator IC solutions provide any rate, any output frequency synthesis. All combinations of output frequencies can be generated exactly with 0 ppm error. The SL28PCIe10/30/50 devices...
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28317-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28323
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28329
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28346
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28346-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28353-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28354-400
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28378
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28409
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28409A
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28410
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28410-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY284108
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28411
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28419
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28442-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28443
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28443-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28445-5
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28446
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28447
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28508
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28547
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28548
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28551
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28551-3
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY28RS480
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY2SSTV850
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY2SSTV855
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY2SSTV857-27
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY2SSTV857-32
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CY505YC64DT
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CYI9530
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- CYI9531
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28442-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28504
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28504-1
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28504-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28506
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28506-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28540
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28541
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28541-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28610
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28647
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28748
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28770
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28773
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28774
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28779
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28EB717
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28EB719
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SL28EB740
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SPL505YC256B
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- SPL505YC264BT
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- W134
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- W150
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- W158
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- W173
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- W255
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- W256
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- W305B
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- W311
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- W320-3
Embedded Intel x86 Clock -- W320-4
Embedded Intel x86 Clocks -- CY28400
Embedded Intel x86 Clocks -- CY28400-2
Embedded Intel x86 Clocks -- CY28401
Embedded Intel x86 Clocks -- CY28800
Silicon Labs' embedded Intel x86 clock generators support a wide variety of chipsets and processors. They provide all the necessary clock generation for the CPU, memory controller (chipset north bridge),...
3-Channel Clock Distribution Buffer -- SL18860DC
3-Channel Clock Distribution Buffer -- SL18861DC
Fanout Buffers -- CY28400
Fanout Buffers -- CY28400-2
Fanout Buffers -- CY28401
Fanout Buffers -- CY28800
Fanout Buffers -- SL2304NZ
Fanout Buffers -- SL2305NZ
Fanout Buffers -- SL23EP04NZ
Fanout Buffers -- SL23EP09NZ
Fanout Buffers -- SL28DB200
Fanout Buffers -- SL28PCIe14
Low Jitter and Skew Clock Buffer -- SL2309NZ
Silicon Labs' family of low jitter non-PLL based fanout buffers produce multiple copies of an input clock at the same frequency with minimal additive jitter. LVDS, LVPECL, HCSL, LVCMOS, SSTL...
LVCMOS Clock (<4 outputs) -- SL15100
LVCMOS Clock (<4 outputs) -- SL15300
LVCMOS Clock (<4 outputs) -- SL15303
LVCMOS Clock (<4 outputs) -- SL16010DC
LVCMOS Clock (<4 outputs) -- SL16020DC
Silicon Labs' highly flexible, factory and I2C programmable LVCMOS clock generators can be customized to generate multiple frequencies with significantly lower jitter, lower power and smaller size than competing solutions.
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5334C
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5334D
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5334E
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5334F
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5334G
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5334J
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5334K
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5334L
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5334M
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338A
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338B
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338C
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338D
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338E
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338F
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338G
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338H
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338J
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338K
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338L
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338M
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338N
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338P
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5338Q
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5350A-A-GM
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5350A-A-GT
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5350A-A-GU
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5350C-A-GM
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5350C-A-GT
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5350C-A-GU
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5351A-A-GM
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5351A-A-GU
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5351C-A-GM
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5351C-A-GU
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5355
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- SL38000
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- SL38000ZI-15H
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- SL38160
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- SL38160-17AH
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- SL38160-18AH
Silicon Labs' highly flexible, factory and I2C programmable and factory customizable LVCMOS clock generators can be customized to generate multiple independent non-integer-related frequencies with equivalent frequency synthesis capability...
LVCMOS Clock (<4 outputs) -- Si5350A-A-GT
LVCMOS Clock (<4 outputs) -- Si5350C-A-GT
LVCMOS Clock (5+ Outputs) -- Si5351A-A-GT
Silicon Labs' highly flexible, factory and I2C programmable LVCMOS clock generators can be customized to generate multiple frequencies with significantly lower jitter, lower power and smaller size than...
Integrated Clock + VCXO Solution -- Si5350B-A-GM
Integrated Clock + VCXO Solution -- Si5350B-A-GT
Integrated Clock + VCXO Solution -- Si5350B-A-GU
Integrated Clock + VCXO Solution -- Si5351B-A-GM
Integrated Clock + VCXO Solution -- Si5351B-A-GU
Integrated Clock + VCXO Solution -- SL38000
Integrated Clock + VCXO Solution -- SL38000ZI-15H
Integrated Clock + VCXO Solution -- SL38160
Integrated Clock + VCXO Solution -- SL38160-17AH
Integrated Clock + VCXO Solution -- SL38160-18AH
Silicon Labs' highly-integrated clock + VCXO solutions feature an integrated voltage controlled oscillator (VCXO). Free-running and VCXO clocks can be generated by one device, making them ideal for cost-sensitive consumer...
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- CY28400
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- CY28400-2
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- CY28800
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5334K
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5334L
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5334M
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5335A
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5335B
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5335C
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5335D
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338A
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338B
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338C
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338D
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338E
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338F
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338G
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338H
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338J
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338K
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338L
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338M
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338N
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338P
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5338Q
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- Si5356
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- SL28DB200
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- SL28PCIe14
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- SL28PCIe16
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- SL28PCIe25
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- SL28PCIe26
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- SL28SRC01
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- SL28SRC02
PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 Clock -- SL28SRC04
PCI Express Clocks -- SL28DB200
PCI Express Clocks -- SL28PCIe14
Silicon Labs' PCI Express clocks provide industry-leading jitter performance, compliance with PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 requirements, outstanding frequency flexibility and configurable AC parameters for signal integrity optimization. The PCIe...
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5330A
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5330B
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5330C
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338A
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338B
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338C
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338D
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338E
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338F
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338G
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338H
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338J
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338K
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338L
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338M
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338N
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338P
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5338Q
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5351A-A-GM
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5351A-A-GT
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5351A-A-GU
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5351B-A-GM
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5351B-A-GU
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5351C-A-GM
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5351C-A-GU
EMI Reduction Clock -- Si5356
EMI Reduction Clock -- SL15100
EMI Reduction Clock -- SL15300
EMI Reduction Clock -- SL15303
EMI Reduction Clock -- SL16010DC
EMI Reduction Clock -- SL16020DC
EMI Reduction Clock -- SL28SRC01
EMI Reduction Clock -- SL28SRC02
EMI Reduction Clock -- SL28SRC04
Silicon Labs' programmable spread spectrum clock generators feature a wide range of programming options that allow system designers to minimize electro-magnetic interference (EMI) at the application level. Configurable parameters to...
Zero Delay Buffer -- Si5338A
Zero Delay Buffer -- Si5338B
Zero Delay Buffer -- Si5338C
Zero Delay Buffer -- Si5338D
Zero Delay Buffer -- Si5338E
Zero Delay Buffer -- Si5338F
Zero Delay Buffer -- Si5338G
Zero Delay Buffer -- Si5338H
Silicon Labs' zero delay clock buffer products are used in applications that require zero propagation delay between the input and output clocks. Silicon Labs' zero delay buffers are based on...
4-PLL Jitter Attenuating Clock -- Si5374
4-PLL Jitter Attenuating Clock -- Si5375
The Si5374/75 any-frequency jitter attenuating clocks integrate four independent jitter attenuating PLLs into a single device, providing industry-leading integration for space-constrained OTN (OTU1, OTU2, OTU3, OTU4) applications. The Si537x can...

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