Silicon Labs Datasheets for Amplifier and Comparator Chips

Amplifier and comparator chips are board-level components for amplifying voltage, current, or power.
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Product Name Notes
Class D Audio Drivers -- Si8241/44
Class D Audio Drivers -- Si8241BB-B-IS1
Class D Audio Drivers -- Si8241CB-B-IS1
Class D Audio Drivers -- Si8244BB-C-IS1
Class D Audio Drivers -- Si8244CB-C-IS1
Silicon Labs' Si824x audio drivers are isolated Class D gate drivers that power audio systems delivering from 30 W up to 1000 W of audio power. Based on Silicon Labs’
Current Sensor -- Si8540 The Si8540 is a complete, uni-directional, high voltage high-side current sense amplifier for use in portable PCs, cellular infrastructure equipment, high-end routers, smart battery packs, automotive applications and other power...