AVX Corporation Datasheets for Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors are devices that join electrical circuits together. Male connectors plug into receptacles, jacks, and outlets. Female connectors contain sockets to receive other devices.
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Product Name Notes
Board-to-Board Two-Piece connectors and individual contacts provide multiple packaging solutions for perpendicular, parallel and coplanar applications. Features include ultra small pitch, low stacking heights and a broad range of pin...
FPC/FFC Broad range product group that includes space-saving, easy-to-use Flip-top style connectors with a pitch range from 0.2mm to 1.25mm, slide ZIF, and low-cost LIF connectors.
Wire-to-Board Innovative contact solutions continue to drive new technology connectors for connecting discrete wires to a PCB. The most innovative solution in years was the development of single contact technology.
Wire-to-Wire These connectors are based on industry proven IDC, Crimped, and Poke-Home contact technologies. Some of the typical features include latching, water resistant sealing, and branch and junction box connections.