Norton Abrasives Datasheets for Sharpening Stones

Sharpening stones are used for sharpening edges and honing internal or external surfaces.  They are generally stones or bonded abrasive product with a rectangular block or shaped stick configuration. 
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Product Name Notes
Alundum® Scythestone Coarse TD1
ASD100-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD120/220-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD150/320-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD180-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD220-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD220/320-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD220/400-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD320-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD320/400-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
ASD400-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
Boat Stone 37C80-HV
Boat Stone 38A609-IVBE
CB100-WB99-SOLID Mounted Point
CB120-WB99-SOLID Mounted Point
CB150-WB99-SOLID Mounted Point
Clear Creek Medium Benchstone KB8
Crystolon® C/F JB74 Knife Stone
Crystolon® F FJS24 Round Edge Slip
Crystolon® F FJS44 Round Edge Slip
Crystolon® F FJS66 Round Edge Slip
Crystolon® Fine FJT63 Tool Slip
Crystolon® Fluted Hand Brick BF26
Crystolon® Med JE74 Jointer Stone
Crystolon® Med MJF214 Abrasive File
Crystolon® Med MJF44 Abrasive File
Crystolon® Plain Hand Brick BP26
Crystolon® Trade Stone C/F JT930
Crystolon® Trade Stone Med. JT910
Crystolon® Trade Stone Med. JT920
Crystolon® Utility File-Coarse JD2
Crystolon®Fine FJF114 Abrasive File
Crystolon®Fine FJF214 Abrasive File
Crystolon®Fine FJF44 Abrasive File
Crystolon®Med MJS24 Round Edge Slip
Crystolon®Med MJS44 Round Edge Slip
Crystolon&174; C/F Benchstone JB134
Crystolon&174; C/F Benchstone JB45
Crystolon&174; C/F Benchstone JB64
Crystolon&174; C/F Benchstone JUM3
Crystolon&174; Coarse/EF Benchstone JUM4
Crystolon&174; Course Benchstone CJB14
Crystolon&174; Course Benchstone CJB6
Crystolon&174; Course Benchstone CJB8
Crystolon&174; Course Replacement JM31
Crystolon&174; Course Replacement JM3
Crystolon&174; Fine Benchstone FJB14
Crystolon&174; Fine Benchstone FJB24
Crystolon&174; Fine Benchstone FJB35
Crystolon&174; Fine Benchstone FJB6
Crystolon&174; Fine Benchstone FJB8
Crystolon&174; Med./Fine Benchstone IC11
Crystolon&174; Medium Benchstone MJB14
Crystolon&174; Medium Benchstone MJB24
Crystolon&174; Medium Benchstone MJB35
Crystolon&174; Medium Benchstone MJB6
Crystolon&174; Medium Benchstone MJB8
Crystolon&174; Medium Replacement JM61
Crystolon&174; Medium Replacement JM6
Crystolon&174;Coarse/Fine Benchstone JB6
Crystolon&174;Coarse/Fine Benchstone JB8
Crystolon&174;Medium/Fine Benchstone IC6
D10/20MIC-R100B99-1/16 Hand Hone
Diamond Sharpening Stone Course
Diamond Sharpening Stone Extra Course
Diamond Sharpening Stone Fine
Fluted Hand Rubbing Brick w/Handle 235
Fluted Hand Rubbing Brick w/Handle BFH6
Free cutting on a wide variety of materials
Hard Arkansas Abrasive File Kit
Hard Arkansas Abrasive File-UF HF113
Hard Arkansas Abrasive File-UF HF133
Hard Arkansas Abrasive File-UF HF13
Hard Arkansas Abrasive File-UF HF143
Hard Arkansas Abrasive File-UF HF33
Hard Arkansas Abrasive File-UF HF43
Hard Arkansas Abrasive File-UF HF813
Hard Arkansas Abrasive File-UF HF843
Hard Arkansas Abrasive File-UF HF863
Hard Arkansas Beveled File-UF HF833
Hard Arkansas Flat File-UF HF823
Hard Arkansas Jewelers' Stone- UF HB24
Hard Arkansas Jewelers' Stone- UF HB26
Hard Arkansas Knife BladeFile-UF HF873
Hard Arkansas Oval File-UF HF853
Hard Arkansas Penknife Piece- UF HB13
Hard Arkansas Penknife Piece- UF HB14
Hard Arkansas Ultra Fine Benchstone HB4
Hard Arkansas Ultra Fine Benchstone HB6
Hard Arkansas Ultra Fine Benchstone HB8
Hard Arkansas Ultra Fine Benchstone HM6
Hard Arkansas-India Abrasive File Kit
Hard Arkansas-UF HS14 Round Edge Slip
Hard Arkansas-UF HS3 Round Edge Slip
Hard Arkansas-UF HS4 Round Edge Slip
High temperature vitrified bond maximizes form holding and life
India® C CF444 Silver Smith Stone
India® Coarse Benchstone CB14
India® Coarse Benchstone CB24
India® Coarse Benchstone CB6
India® Coarse Benchstone CB8
India® Coarse CF114 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF134 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF14 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF144 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF146 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF214 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF234 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF244 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF34 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF344 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF44 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF46 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF66 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF723 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF724 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CF76 Abrasive File
India® Coarse CS24 Round Edge Slip
India® Coarse CS34 Round Edge Slip
India® Coarse CS44 Round Edge Slip
India® Coarse IE74 Jointer Stone
India® Coarse/Fine Benchstone IB134
India® Coarse/Fine Benchstone IB45
India® Coarse/Fine Benchstone IB64
India® Coarse/Fine Benchstone IB6
India® Coarse/Fine Benchstone IB8
India® Coarse/Fine Benchstone IM2
India® Fine Benchstone FB14
India® Fine Benchstone FB24
India® Fine Benchstone FB35
India® Fine Benchstone FB6
India® Fine Benchstone FB8
India® Fine Engravers Point FT11
India® Fine FF114 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF134 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF14 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF144 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF146 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF156 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF166 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF176 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF214 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF234 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF244 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF246 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF314 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF334 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF34 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF344 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF44 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF46 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF56 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF66 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF723 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF724 Abrasive File
India® Fine FF76 Abrasive File
India® Fine FS14 Round Edge Slip
India® Fine FS15 Round Edge Slip
India® Fine FS24 Round Edge Slip
India® Fine FS34 Round Edge Slip
India® Fine FS44 Round Edge Slip
India® Fine FT124 Reamer Stone
India® Fine FT125 Reamer Stone
India® Fine FT126 Reamer Stone
India® Fine FT134 Abrasive File
India® FS76 Gouge Sharpening Slip
India® Med MF14 Abrasive File
India® Med MF414 Silver Smith Stone
India® Med MF424 Silver Smith Stone
India® Med MF444 Silver Smith Stone
India® Med MF464 Silver Smith Stone
India® Med MF474 Silver Smith Stone
India® Med MS22 Carving Tool Slip
India® Med/Ex Fine Benchstone SIB27
India® Medium Benchstone MB14
India® Medium Benchstone MB24
India® Medium Benchstone MB35
India® Medium Benchstone MB6
India® Medium Benchstone MB8
India® Medium MF114 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF134 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF144 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF146 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF156 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF166 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF176 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF214 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF234 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF244 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF246 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF256 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF266 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF276 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF314 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF334 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF34 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF344 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF44 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF46 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF56 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF66 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF723 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF724 Abrasive File
India® Medium MF76 Abrasive File
India® Medium MS14 Round Edge Slip
India® Medium MS15 Round Edge Slip
India® Medium MS24 Round Edge Slip
India® Medium MS34 Round Edge Slip
India® Medium MS44 Round Edge Slip
India® Medium MT124 Reamer Stone
India® Medium MT125 Reamer Stone
India® Medium MT126 Reamer Stone
India® Medium MT134 Abrasive File
India® Tapered Fine FF544 File
India® Tapered Fine FF644 File
India® Tapered Med MF544 File
India® Tapered Medium MF644 File
India®Coarse/E.Fine Benchstone SIB6
India®Fine FF414 Silver Smith Stone
India®Fine FF444 Silver Smith Stone
India®Fine FF464 Silver Smith Stone
India&174; Fine Replacement IM91
India&174; Fine Replacement IM9
Multi-Oil Benchstone-C/M/F IM313
Specially formulated wheel treatment provides added lubricity to the wheel, minimizing risk of metallurgical damage

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