Norton Abrasives Datasheets for Abrasive Discs

Abrasive discs consist of abrasive grain adhered onto the surface of a cloth, film, paper, non-woven or other backing. They are used for metal removal, surface finishing, sanding, etc.
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Product Name Notes
Adalox® A270 Paper Disc
Bear-Tex® High Strength Disc
Bear-Tex® Rapid Strip™ Disc
Bear-Tex® Surface Blending Disc
CORA® KJ370 PSA Cloth Disc
FDD2SL60 Diamond Electroplated TR Disc
P-graded, sharp light-brown, aluminum oxide abrasive delivers fast cut rate, extended life, and consistent finish
The Norton Blaze line of fiber discs just got even better with the addition of BlazeX, a new formulation specifically designed for better performance on carbon steel and soft-to-grind metals.
Versatile aluminum oxide abrasive for aggressive cut and longer life than competitive aluminum oxide discs

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