Norton Abrasives Datasheets for Abrasive Pads

Abrasive pads consist of abrasive grains adhered onto the surface of a cloth, film, paper, non-woven, or other backing, usually with a die-cut square or rectangular shape.
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Product Name Notes
Ideal for general clean-up. Mild acting green, or non-abrasive white Fibratex hand pad material is laminated to a top quality sponge, which allows for the convenience of 2 pads in...
Aluminum oxide abrasive controls aggressiveness while cool cutting
Aluminum oxide abrasive runs cooler and more efficiently; ideal for grinding exotic alloys
Electroplated Diamond Hand HPK-6 Pack
For your hand sanding and uniform finishing of wood, metal, fiberglass, composites, plastics and solid surfaces, and primed, stained, sealed or painted surfaces. Features & Benefits Thin, coated on one...
Ideal to sand, seal and wash coats for your wood projects, and provides handy touch-up or repair of primer. Features & Benefits These silicon carbide sanding sponges are available in...
Next-generation ceramic alumina abrasive grain for significantly faster cut rates, resists wear, resulting in 50%-300% longer life, greatest productivity
Premium aluminum oxide abrasive for long life
Premium Norton SG ceramic alumina abrasive grains for the ultimate cut rate
Premium zirconia alumina abrasive grains for the ultimate cut reduces contaminants for a cleaner working environment and virtually no clogging
Quality aluminum oxide abrasive grain for versatile; ideal for deburring, chamfering, and polishing most radii, holes, recesses, and cylinder walls
Small Area General Purpose Sponge