Norton Abrasives Datasheets for Grinding Wheels

Grinding wheels are used for metal removal, dimensioning, and finishing. They consist of an integral shank, pin, shaft, or mandrel that drives a mounted wheel or blades.
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Product Name Notes
32A46-H8VBE Cylindrical Wheel
32A46-I8VBE Cylindrical Wheel
32A46-J8VBE Cylindrical Wheel
32A60-J8VBE Cylindrical Wheel
32A60-K5VBE Cylindrical Wheel
32AC54-QB Centerless Wheel
32AC54-SB Centerless Wheel
53A60-K8VCN Centerless Wheel
57A24-Q5VBE Cylindrical Wheel
57A60-K6VCN Centerless Wheel
57A80-L8VCN Centerless Wheel
5SG60-JVS Cylindrical Wheel
64A46-I8V127 Cylindrical Wheel
64A60-J8V127 Cylindrical Wheel
64A60-K8V127 Centerless Wheel
64A60-K8V127 Cylindrical Wheel
64A60-KVCE Centerless Wheel
64A60-LVCE Centerless Wheel
64A60-MVCE Centerless Wheel
64A80-K8V127 Cylindrical Wheel
64A80-KVCE Centerless Wheel
64A80-LVCE Centerless Wheel
86A60-J8V127 Cylindrical Wheel
86A80-J8V127 Cylindrical Wheel
ASD100-R75B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD100S-R75B105-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD100S-R75B105-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD100S-R75B99-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD100S-R75B99-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD100S-R75B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD120-R75B105-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD120-R75B105-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/16 Dish Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/16 Straight Cup
ASD120-R75B99-1/4 Straight Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/8 Dish Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/8 Straight Cup
ASD120-R75B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD120-R75B99-1/9 Straight Cup
ASD150-R100B99-1/4 Cup Wheel
ASD150-R100B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD150-R75B105-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD150-R75B105-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD150-R75B99-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD150-R75B99-1/4 Straight Wheel
ASD150-R75B99-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD150-R75B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD180-R100B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD180-R75B99-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD180-R75B99-1/4 Straight Wheel
ASD180-R75B99-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD180-R75B99-1/8 Dish Wheel
ASD180-R75B99-1/8 Straight Wheel
ASD220-R75B99-1/16 Cup Wheel
ASD220-R75B99-1/4 Straight Wheel
ASD320-R75B99-1/4 Straight Wheel
ASD320-R75B99-1/8 Cup Wheel
ASD320B-R125B99-1/4 Fluting Wheel
ASDC320C-R100B99-1/4 Fluting Wheel
AZTEC .007-100-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC .007-100-1/8 Cup Wheel
AZTEC .007-150-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC .007-150-1/8 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 100T-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 100T-1/8 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 100W-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 120T-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 120T-1/8 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 150T-1/16 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 150T-1/8 Cup Wheel
AZTEC III 150W-1/16 Cup Wheel
Bear-Tex® Extra Course
Bear-Tex® Rapid Strip™ Wheel
Bench & Pedestal Wheel 37C24-RVK
Bench & Pedestal Wheel 39C60-IVK
Bench & Pedestal Wheel 39C60-KVK
Bench & Pedestal Wheel 57A24-QVBE
Bench & Pedestal Wheel 57A30-MVBE
Bench & Pedestal Wheel 57A36-OVBE
Bench & Pedestal Wheel 57A46-MVBE
Bench & Pedestal Wheel 57A60-MVBE
Bench & Pedestal Wheel Alundum Fine
Bench & Pedestal Wheel Alundum Medium
Bench & Pedestal Wheel Alundum V. Fine
Bench & Pedestal Wheel Alundum Very Fine
Bench & Pedestal Wheel Gemini Coarse
Bench & Pedestal Wheel Gemini Extra Fine
Bench & Pedestal Wheel Gemini Fine
Bench & Pedestal Wheel Gemini Medium
Bench & Pedestal Wheel Gemini V. Coarse
CB100-TB99-1/16 Cup Wheel
CB100-TB99-1/8 Cup Wheel
CB100-TB99-1/8 Straight Wheel
CB100-WB99-1/16 Dish Wheel
CB120-TB99-1/16 Cup Wheel
CB120-TB99-1/16 Dish Wheel
CB120-TB99-1/8 Cup Wheel
CB120-TB99-1/8 Dish Wheel
CB120-TB99-1/8 Straight Wheel
CB120-WB99-1/16 Cup Wheel
CB150-TB99-1/8 Cup Wheel
CB150-TB99-1/8 Dish Wheel
CB150-TB99-1/8 Straight Wheel
CB150-WB99-1/16 Cup Wheel
Charger Thin Depressed Center Wheel
Charger™ Long Life
D120/140-H-MSL Straight Cup
Gemini Alundum 100/120 Bench Wheel
Gemini Alundum 36/46 Bench Wheel
Gemini Alundum 60/80 Bench Wheel
RailCut Reinforced Cut-off Wheels are the choice for fixed rail track cutting for light-duty applications and older machines with less horsepower. RailCut Side reinforced, R Sides are the choice for...

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