Festo Corporation Datasheets for Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatic fittings are parts used to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose in pneumatic (pressurized gas) lines and systems.
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Product Name Notes
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- EASA-H1-20-PG16 protective conduit fitting EASA-H1-20-PG16 Size=20, Assembly position=Any, Corrosion resistance classification CRC=2 - Moderate corrosion stress, Ambient temperature=-10 - 60 °C, Materials note=(* Free of copper and PTFE, * Conforms to...
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- EASA-H1-25-PG21 protective conduit fitting EASA-H1-25-PG21 Size=25/32, Assembly position=Any, Corrosion resistance classification CRC=2 - Moderate corrosion stress, Ambient temperature=-10 - 60 °C, Materials note=(* Free of copper and PTFE, * Conforms to...
Adapter -- NPFV-AF-G14-G14-MF
Adapter -- NPFV-AF-G14-N14-MF
Adapter -- NPFV-AF-N14-N14-MF
Adapter with filter From external thread G1/4 to internal thread G1/4 or NPT1/4 and from external thread NPT1/4 to internal thread NPT1/4 Adapter material: High-alloy stainless steel Operating medium: compressed...
Blanking plug -- B-1-NPT
Blanking plug -- B-1/2-NPT
Blanking plug -- B-1/4-NPT
Blanking plug -- B-1/8-NPT
Blanking plug -- B-3/4-NPT
Blanking plug -- B-3/8-NPT
Aluminum, stainless steel With sealing ring
Barb tubing fitting -- C-1/2-P-13
Barb tubing fitting -- C-1/4-P-6
Barb tubing fitting -- C-1/4-P-9
Barb tubing fitting -- C-1/8-P-6
Barb tubing fitting -- C-3/8-P-6
Barb tubing fitting -- C-3/8-P-9
Barbed hose fitting with or without sealing ring Tubing clip to DIN 3017 Operating medium compressed air, vacuum Brass or aluminum, steel
Adapter -- AD-1/2NPT-G1/2-I
Adapter -- AD-1/4NPT-G1/4-I
Adapter -- AD-1/8NPT-G1/8-I
Adapter -- AD-1NPT-G1-I
Adapter -- AD-3/4NPT-G3/4-I
Adapter -- AD-3/8NPT-G3/8-I
Adapter -- AD-G1-1NPT-I
Adapter -- AD-G1/2-1/2NPT-I
Adapter -- AD-G1/4-1/4NPT-I
Adapter -- AD-G1/8-1/8NPT-I
Adapter -- AD-G3/4-3/4NPT-I
Adapter -- AD-G3/8-3/8NPT-I
Double nipple -- ESK-1/2-1/2
Double nipple -- ESK-1/4-1/2
Double nipple -- ESK-1/4-1/4
Double nipple -- ESK-1/4-3/8
Double nipple -- ESK-1/8-1/4
Double nipple -- ESK-1/8-1/8
Double nipple -- ESK-1/8-3/8
Double nipple -- ESK-3/8-1/2
Double nipple -- ESK-3/8-3/8
Elbow -- G-M5-A/I
Reducing nipple -- D-M5I-M7A-ISK
Sleeve -- QM-1-1
Sleeve -- QM-1/2-1/2
Sleeve -- QM-1/4-1/4
Sleeve -- QM-1/8-1/8
Sleeve -- QM-3/4-3/4
Sleeve -- QM-3/8-3/8
Brass or aluminum Reducing nipple Elbow Sleeve Double nipple Distributor Elbow fitting T-fitting Adapter Operating medium compressed air, vacuum
Bulkhead quick connector -- QCK-1/4-PK-6-B
Bulkhead quick connector -- QCK-1/8-PK-4-B
Bulkhead quick connector -- QCK-3/8-PK-9-B
Bulkhead quick connector -- QCK-M5-PK-3-B
Bulkhead quick connector -- SCK-PK-3
Bulkhead quick connector -- SCK-PK-3-KU
Bulkhead quick connector -- SCK-PK-4
Bulkhead quick connector -- SCK-PK-4-KU
Bulkhead quick connector -- SCK-PK-6
Bulkhead quick connector -- SCK-PK-6-KU
Bulkhead quick connector -- SCK-PK-9
Bulkhead quick connector -- SCK-PK-9-KU
Elbow quick connector -- GCK-1/4-PK-4-KU
Elbow quick connector -- GCK-1/4-PK-6-KU
Elbow quick connector -- GCK-1/8-PK-4-KU
Elbow quick connector -- GCK-1/8-PK-6-KU
Elbow quick connector -- GCK-3/8-PK-6-KU
Elbow quick connector -- GCK-3/8-PK-9-KU
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-1/2-PK-13
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-1/4-PK-4
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-1/4-PK-6
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-1/4-PK-9
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-1/8-PK-3
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-1/8-PK-4
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-1/8-PK-6
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-3/8-PK-6
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-3/8-PK-9
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-M5-PK-3
Elbow quick connector -- LCK-M5-PK-4
T quick connector -- TCK-1/2-PK-13
T quick connector -- TCK-1/4-PK-4
T quick connector -- TCK-1/4-PK-4-KU
T quick connector -- TCK-1/4-PK-6
T quick connector -- TCK-1/4-PK-6-KU
T quick connector -- TCK-1/8-PK-3
T quick connector -- TCK-1/8-PK-4
T quick connector -- TCK-1/8-PK-4-KU
T quick connector -- TCK-1/8-PK-6
T quick connector -- TCK-1/8-PK-6-KU
T quick connector -- TCK-3/8-PK-6
T quick connector -- TCK-3/8-PK-9
T quick connector -- TCK-M5-PK-3
T quick connector -- TCK-M5-PK-4
T-distributor -- FCK-3-PK-3-KU
T-distributor -- FCK-3-PK-4-KU
T-distributor -- FCK-3-PK-6-KU
T-distributor -- FCK-3-PK-9-KU
Bulkhead quick connector Sealing cap for plastic tube fittings and barbed fittings Multiple distributor Union nut for CK tube fitting Operating media: compressed air, vacuum, (water) Aluminum, steel, POM, or...
Elbow fitting for pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKRL-10-PG-9
Elbow fitting for pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKRL-12-PG-11
Elbow fitting for pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKRL-16,5-PG-16
Elbow fitting for pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKRL-23-PG-21
Elbow fitting for pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKRL-29-PG-29
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKGV-23-M32-B
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKGV-36-M40
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKRV-10-PG-9
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKRV-12-PG-11
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKRV-16,5-PG-16
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKRV-23-PG-21
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKRV-29-PG-29
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKVV-PG-13,5-B
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKVV-PG-21-B
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKVV-PG-29-B
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKVV-PG-36-B
Pneumatic protective conduit fitting -- MKVV-PG-48-B
Installation kit Junction box Adapter connector Pneumatic fitting Lock nut Protective conduit connector Y-distributor Polymer, polyamide, nickel-plated brass
Ring piece -- LK-1/4-PK-4
Ring piece -- LK-1/4-PK-4-KU
Ring piece -- LK-1/4-PK-6
Ring piece -- LK-1/4-PK-6-KU
Ring piece -- LK-1/8-PK-3
Ring piece -- LK-1/8-PK-4
Ring piece -- LK-1/8-PK-4-KU
Ring piece -- LK-1/8-PK-6
Ring piece -- LK-1/8-PK-6-KU
Ring piece -- LK-3/8-PK-6
Ring piece -- LK-M5-PK-3
Ring piece -- TK-1/4-PK-4
Ring piece -- TK-1/4-PK-4-KU
Ring piece -- TK-1/4-PK-6
Ring piece -- TK-1/4-PK-6-KU
Ring piece -- TK-1/8-PK-3
Ring piece -- TK-1/8-PK-4
Ring piece -- TK-1/8-PK-4-KU
Ring piece -- TK-1/8-PK-6
Ring piece -- TK-1/8-PK-6-KU
Ring piece -- TK-3/8-PK-6
Ring piece -- TK-M5-PK-3
Multiple distributor consisting of hollow bolt VT and ring piece LK or TK With two to six outlets and one common air feed Operating medium compressed air, vacuum Galvanized steel...
Terminal plug -- KSV-PK-2
Terminal plug -- KSV-PK-3
Terminal plug -- KSV-PK-4
Terminal plug -- KSV6-PK-6
Terminal socket -- KDV-PK-2
Terminal socket -- KDV-PK-3
Terminal socket -- KDV-PK-4
Terminal socket -- KDV6-PK-6
POM, aluminum, brass Multi-plug, multi-socket Terminal plug and terminal socket Operating medium compressed air, vacuum
Pneumatic fitting -- NPCK-C-D-G14-K10
Pneumatic fitting -- NPCK-C-D-G14-K8
Pneumatic fitting -- NPCK-C-D-G18-K6
Pneumatic fitting -- NPCK-C-D-G18-K8
Pneumatic fitting -- NPCK-C-D-G38-K10
Pneumatic fitting -- NPCK-C-D-M5-K4
Stainless steel design Food-safe, see www.festo.com/sp/npck -> "Certificates" tab Fulfills all Clean Design requirements Straight Operating media: compressed air, vacuum, water
Barb fitting -- N-M5-PK-3
Barb fitting -- N-M5-PK-4
Barbed L-connector -- L-PK-2
Barbed L-connector -- L-PK-3
Barbed L-connector -- L-PK-4
Barbed L-connector -- L-PK-6
Barbed T-connector -- T-PK-2
Barbed T-connector -- T-PK-3
Barbed T-connector -- T-PK-4
Barbed T-connector -- T-PK-6
Barbed Y-connector -- Y-PK-2
Barbed Y-connector -- Y-PK-3
Barbed Y-connector -- Y-PK-4
Barbed Y-connector -- Y-PK-6
Straight shape, T-shape, L-shape, Y-shape Operating medium compressed air, vacuum Brass, POM, aluminum, or stainless steel