Festo Corporation Datasheets for Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioners provide amplification, filtering, converting, and other processes required to make sensor output suitable for reading by computer boards.
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Product Name Notes
Signal conditioner -- SCDN-2A-EC4-PNLK-L1
Signal conditioner -- SCDN-2V-EC4-PNLK-L1
Converts analog signals into IO-Link® signals Switching function freely programmable with teach-in Mounting: wall or surface mounting, front panel mounting, manifold mounting using mounting brackets Large, illuminated LCD display
Signal conditioner -- SVE4-HS-R-HM8-2N-M8
Signal conditioner -- SVE4-HS-R-HM8-2P-M8
Signal conditioner -- SVE4-IS-R-HM8-2N-M8
Signal conditioner -- SVE4-IS-R-HM8-2P-M8
Signal conditioner -- SVE4-US-R-HM8-2N-M8
Signal conditioner -- SVE4-US-R-HM8-2P-M8
Converts analog signals into switching points Switching function freely programmable with teach-in Threshold value, hysteresis, or window comparator Mounting: H-rail mounting or via adapter plate LED switching status indication Certification:...
Signal convertor -- CASB-MT-D3-R7
Signal convertor -- CASM-S-D2-R3
Signal convertor -- CASM-S-D3-R7
For actuating pneumatic positioning actuators with the latest servopneumatic systems such as CPX-CMAX, CPX-CMPX, and CPX-CMIX Short connector cables for analog signals, secure digitized bus transmission Convenient plug and work...
PE converter -- PE-1/8
PE converter -- PE-1/8-1N-SW
PE converter -- PE-1/8-2N-SW
PE converter -- PE-1000
PE converter -- PE-PK-4-SW
PE converter -- PE-VK-5.1
PE converter -- PEN-M5
PE converter -- VPE-1/8-2N-SW
PE converter -- VPE-1/8-SW
Pneumatic/electric differential pressure switch Pneumatic/electric pressure transducer Design for vacuum Mounting on mounting frame 2N Splash-proof design Certification: CCC