Festo Corporation Datasheets for Gap Sensors and Feeler Gauges

Gap sensors and feeler gauges detect or measure the gap or clearance between two components or surfaces such as turbine blades tip clearance, nip or roller gap, lubricant gaps, weld seams, adhesive joints, extruder die gap, spark plug electrodes, mold spacing, and workpiece-fixture gap. Gap sensing products use mechanical feel (feeler gages), air pressure, optical, capacitance or other electronic technologies to sense gaps or clearance.
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Product Name Notes
Dynamic pressure transducer -- SD-2
Dynamic pressure transducer -- SD-3
Dynamic pressure transducer -- SD-3-N
Can be used for stroke-dependent signal generation as a limit switch and fixed stop Ideal for end-position sensing and position control with high accuracy requirements and small actuating forces SD-3-N...
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM1H-R1-HQ6-2N-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM1H-R1-HQ6-2P-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM1H-R1-WQ6-2N-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM1H-R1-WQ6-2P-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM2H-R1-HQ6-2N-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM2H-R1-HQ6-2P-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM2H-R1-WQ6-2N-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM2H-R1-WQ6-2P-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM3H-R1-HQ6-2N-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM3H-R1-HQ6-2P-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM3H-R1-WQ6-2N-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM3H-R1-WQ6-2P-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM4H-R1-HQ6-2N-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM4H-R1-HQ6-2P-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM4H-R1-WQ6-2N-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-CM4H-R1-WQ6-2P-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-M1-R1-HQ6-2N-M12
Air gap sensor -- SOPA-M1-R1-HQ6-2P-M12
Convenient solution for high-precision contact and distance monitoring Setting option: teach-in or numerical setting using three-button operation Integrated air jet function Multi-colored LCD display Mounting: H-rail mounting, wall mounting, through-hole...
Gap sensor -- SFL-6 Sender nozzle, receiver nozzle, gap sensor Back pressure actuated valve Operational reliability even in very dirty environments Reliable even at high ambient temperatures Insensitive to mechanical influences and sound waves...
Distance sensor -- SOOE-MS-L-PNLK-T
Distance sensor -- SOOE-MS-R-PNLK-T
Simple operation Fast commissioning Reliable and stable detection Attractive price/performance ratio