Festo Corporation Datasheets for Color Sensors

Color sensors register items by contrast, true color, or translucent index. True color sensors are based on one of the color models, most commonly the RGB model (red, green, blue).
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Product Name Notes
Color sensor -- SOEC-RT-Q50-PS-S-7L Diffuse scan Block design Electrical connection via M12x1 plug, 8-pin Display via 7 LEDs
Color sensor -- SBSC-F-AF-R3C Reading 1D barcodes, 2D matrix codes and directly marked codes Equipped with position tracking and additional inspection algorithms High resolution of 1.3 megapixels Quick and powerful recognition algorithms BLOB function...
Color sensor -- SBSI-F-AF-R3C-F12-W
Color sensor -- SBSI-F-AF-R3C-F6-W
Color sensor -- SBSI-F-R3C-F12-W
Color sensor -- SBSI-F-R3C-F6-W
Vision sensor with integrated lighting/lens Enables reading of 1D/2D codes or quality inspection of parts Intuitive software for simple parameter setting All-in-one device with integrated lens, lighting, evaluation, and communication...