Festo Corporation Datasheets for Parts Feeders

Parts feeders are machines that orient parts so that robots or other automated processes can capture and use or package the parts or components.
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Product Name Notes
Rotary through-feed -- DHAS-SCR12-H6 Rotary through-feed DHAS-SCR12-H6 Corrosion resistance classification CRC=2 - Moderate corrosion stress, Materials note=(* Contains PWIS substances, * Conforms to RoHS), Material housing=PC
Cabinet through feed -- NEFU-D12G4-D12DG4
Cabinet through feed -- NEFU-D12G4-R3DW4
Cable socket for branching the AS-Interface® network at any required point Reconnecting AS-Interface® flat cable to 5-pin M12 socket Reverse polarity protected
Feed separator -- HPV-10-10-A
Feed separator -- HPV-14-20-A
Feed separator -- HPV-14-40-A
Feed separator -- HPV-22-30-A
Feed separator -- HPV-22-60-A
Version with two plungers With twin piston, non-rotating piston rod, and locking mechanism Cost-effective: replaces at least two actuators in the feed process Proximity sensor SME/SMT-8 can be integrated in...