Festo Corporation Datasheets for Ball Valves

Ball valves are quarter-turn, straight-through valves that have a round closure element with matching rounded seats that permit uniform sealing stress. The valve gets its name from the ball that rotates to open and close the valve. Ball valves are used in situations where tight shut-off is required. They are wide duty valves, able to transfer gases, liquids and liquids with suspended solids (slurries). Ball valves provide tight shut-off and characterizable control. They have high rangeability due to the design of the regulating element and few complications from side loads typical of butterfly or globe valves.
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Product Name Notes
Ball valve -- VZBE-1-T-63-D-2-M-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1-T-63-F-3L-F05-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1-T-63-F-3T-F05-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1-T-63-T-2-F0405-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1/2-T-63-D-2-M-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1/2-T-63-F-3L-F04-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1/2-T-63-F-3T-F04-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1/2-T-63-T-2-F0304-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1/4-T-63-D-2-M-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1/4-T-63-F-3L-F04-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1/4-T-63-F-3T-F04-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-1/4-T-63-T-2-F0304-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-11/2-T-63-D-2-M-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-11/2-T-63-F-3L-F0507-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-11/2-T-63-F-3T-F0507-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-11/2-T-63-T-2-F0507-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-11/4-T-63-D-2-M-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-11/4-T-63-F-3L-F05-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-11/4-T-63-F-3T-F05-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-11/4-T-63-T-2-F0405-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-2-T-63-D-2-M-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-2-T-63-F-3L-F0507-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-2-T-63-F-3T-F0507-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-2-T-63-T-2-F0507-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-21/2-T-63-D-2-M-V15V16
Ball valve -- VZBE-21/2-T-63-T-2-F0710-V15V16
Ball valve -- VZBE-3-T-63-D-2-M-V15V16
Ball valve -- VZBE-3-T-63-T-2-F0710-V15V16
Ball valve -- VZBE-3/4-T-63-D-2-M-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-3/4-T-63-F-3L-F04-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-3/4-T-63-F-3T-F04-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-3/4-T-63-T-2-F0304-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-3/8-T-63-D-2-M-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-3/8-T-63-F-3L-F04-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-3/8-T-63-F-3T-F04-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-3/8-T-63-T-2-F0304-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBE-4-T-63-T-2-F1012-V15V16
2-way manual, with optional lockable hand lever 3-way, L-shaped or T-shaped hole, with optional lockable hand lever Stainless steel design Pipe thread to ASME B1.20.1
Ball valve -- VZBC-100-FF-16-22-F0710-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBC-15-FF-40-22-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBC-20-FF-40-22-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBC-25-FF-40-22-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBC-32-FF-40-22-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBC-40-FF-40-22-F0507-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBC-50-FF-40-22-F0507-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBC-65-FF-16-22-F07-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBC-80-FF-16-22-F07-V4V4T
Automatable 2-way ball valve with compact flange Stainless steel design Short installed length Blow-out proof shaft Manual operation possible using hand lever Flange to DIN 1092-1 Mounting flange to ISO...
Ball valve -- VAPB-1 1/2-F-25-F0405
Ball valve -- VAPB-1 1/4-F-40-F0405
Ball valve -- VAPB-1-F-40-F0304
Ball valve -- VAPB-1/2-F-40-F03
Ball valve -- VAPB-1/4-F-40-F03
Ball valve -- VAPB-2 1/2-F-25-F07
Ball valve -- VAPB-2-F-25-F05
Ball valve -- VAPB-3/4-F-40-F03
Ball valve -- VAPB-3/8-F-40-F03
Automatable 2-way ball valve Brass design Blow-out proof shaft Manual operation possible using hand lever Connecting thread according to EN 10226-1 Mounting flange to ISO 5211
Ball valve -- VZBA-1"-GG-63-T-22-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1"-GGG-63-32L-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1"-GGG-63-32T-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1"-WW-63-T-22-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1/2"-GG-63-T-22-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1/2"-GGG-63-32L-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1/2"-GGG-63-32T-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1/2"-WW-63-T-22-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1/4"-GG-63-T-22-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1/4"-GGG-63-32L-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1/4"-GGG-63-32T-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-1/4"-WW-63-T-22-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-11/2"-GG-63-T-22-F0507-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-11/2"-GGG-63-32L-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-11/2"-GGG-63-32T-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-11/2"-WW-63-T-22-F0507-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-11/4"-GG-63-T-22-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-11/4"-GGG-63-32L-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-11/4"-GGG-63-32T-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-11/4"-WW-63-T-22-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-2"-GG-63-T-22-F0507-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-2"-GGG-63-32L-F0507-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-2"-GGG-63-32T-F0507-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-2"-WW-63-T-22-F0507-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-21/2"-GG-63-T-22-F0710-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-21/2"-WW-63-T-22-F0710-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-3"-GG-63-T-22-F0710-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-3"-WW-63-T-22-F0710-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-3/4"-GG-63-T-22-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-3/4"-GGG-63-32L-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-3/4"-GGG-63-32T-F0405-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-3/4"-WW-63-T-22-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-3/8"-GG-63-T-22-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-3/8"-GGG-63-32L-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-3/8"-GGG-63-32T-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-3/8"-WW-63-T-22-F0304-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-4"-GG-63-T-22-F10-V4V4T
Ball valve -- VZBA-4"-WW-63-T-22-F10-V4V4T
Automatable 2-way or 3-way ball valve Stainless steel design Blow-out proof shaft Manual operation possible using hand lever Connecting thread according to EN 10226-1 Mounting flange to ISO 5211 Use...
Ball valve -- VZBM-1-RP-25-D-2-F03-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-1-RP-40-D-2-M-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-1/2-RP-25-D-2-F03-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-1/2-RP-50-D-2-M-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-1/4-RP-40-D-2-F03-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-1/4-RP-40-F-3L-F03-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-1/4-RP-50-D-2-M-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-11/2-RP-25-D-2-F0305-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-11/2-RP-40-D-2-M-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-11/4-RP-25-D-2-F03-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-11/4-RP-40-D-2-M-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-2-RP-25-D-2-F0305-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-3/4-RP-25-D-2-F03-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-3/4-RP-40-F-3T-F03-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-3/4-RP-50-D-2-M-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-3/8-RP-40-D-2-F03-B2B3
Ball valve -- VZBM-3/8-RP-50-D-2-M-B2B3
Brass design Pipe thread to EN 10226-1
Ball valve -- VZBD-1-S1-16-T-2-F0405-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-1-S5-16-T-2-F0405-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-1-W1-16-T-2-F0405-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-1-W3-16-T-2-F0405-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-1/2-S1-16-T-2-F0304-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-1/2-S5-16-T-2-F0304-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-1/2-W1-16-T-2-F0304-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-1/2-W3-16-T-2-F0304-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-11/2-S1-16-T-2-F0507-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-11/2-S5-16-T-2-F0507-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-11/2-W1-16-T-2-F0507-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-11/2-W3-16-T-2-F0507-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-11/4-S5-16-T-2-F0405-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-11/4-W3-16-T-2-F0405-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-2-S1-16-T-2-F0507-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-2-S5-16-T-2-F0507-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-2-W1-16-T-2-F0507-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-2-W3-16-T-2-F0507-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-21/2-S1-16-T-2-F0710-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-21/2-S5-16-T-2-F0710-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-21/2-W1-16-T-2-F0710-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-21/2-W3-16-T-2-F0710-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-3-S1-16-T-2-F0710-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-3-W1-16-T-2-F0710-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-3/4-S1-16-T-2-F0304-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-3/4-S5-16-T-2-F0304-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-3/4-W1-16-T-2-F0304-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-3/4-W3-16-T-2-F0304-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-4-S1-16-T-2-F1012-V14V14
Ball valve -- VZBD-4-W1-16-T-2-F1012-V14V14
Electropolished surfaces SFV4 PTFE seal with only little dead space The high-performance ball valve for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry FDA-compliant seal to FDA 21 CFR 177.1550
Ball valve -- VZBF-1-P1-20-D-2-F0405-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBF-1/2-P1-20-D-2-F0304-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBF-11/2-P1-20-D-2-F0507-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBF-11/4-P1-20-D-2-F0405-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBF-2-P1-20-D-2-F0507-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBF-21/2-P1-20-D-2-F0710-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBF-3-P1-20-D-2-F0710-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBF-3/4-P1-20-D-2-F0304-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBF-4-P1-20-D-2-F1012-V15V15
Ball valve -- VZBF-6-P1-20-D-2-F1012-V15V16
Ball valve -- VZBF-8-P1-20-D-2-F14-V15V16
Flanged connections to ANSI B 16.5. class 150 Static discharge assured API 607 Fire Safe certification Easy to service
On off valve -- HE-2-1/2-QS-1/2-U
On off valve -- HE-2-1/2-QS-12
On off valve -- HE-2-1/4-QS-1/4-U
On off valve -- HE-2-1/4-QS-5/16-U
On off valve -- HE-2-1/4-QS-8
On off valve -- HE-2-1/8-QS-3/16-U
On off valve -- HE-2-1/8-QS-6
On off valve -- HE-2-3/8-QS-10
On off valve -- HE-2-3/8-QS-3/8-U
On off valve -- HE-2-QS-1/4-U
On off valve -- HE-2-QS-10
On off valve -- HE-2-QS-12
On off valve -- HE-2-QS-3/16-U
On off valve -- HE-2-QS-3/8-U
On off valve -- HE-2-QS-5/16-U
On off valve -- HE-2-QS-6
On off valve -- HE-2-QS-8
On off valve -- HE-3-1/2-QS-1/2-U
On off valve -- HE-3-1/2-QS-12
On off valve -- HE-3-1/4-1/4
On off valve -- HE-3-1/4-1/4-NPT-U
On off valve -- HE-3-1/4-QS-1/4-U
On off valve -- HE-3-1/4-QS-5/16-U
On off valve -- HE-3-1/4-QS-8
On off valve -- HE-3-1/8-1/8
On off valve -- HE-3-1/8-1/8-NPT-U
On off valve -- HE-3-1/8-QS-3/16-U
On off valve -- HE-3-1/8-QS-6
On off valve -- HE-3-3/8-3/8
On off valve -- HE-3-3/8-3/8-NPT-U
On off valve -- HE-3-3/8-QS-10
On off valve -- HE-3-3/8-QS-3/8-U
On off valve -- HE-3-QS-1/2-U
On off valve -- HE-3-QS-1/4-U
On off valve -- HE-3-QS-10
On off valve -- HE-3-QS-12
On off valve -- HE-3-QS-3/16-U
On off valve -- HE-3-QS-3/8-U
On off valve -- HE-3-QS-5/16-U
On off valve -- HE-3-QS-6
On off valve -- HE-3-QS-8
On off valve -- HE-3A-1/4-QS-1/4-U
On off valve -- HE-3A-3/8-QS-3/8-U
Stop valve, manually operated Connection: thread at both ends, push-in connector at both ends, thread/push-in connector Different mounting options
Ball valve -- QH-QS-4
Ball valve -- QH-QS-4-1/8
Ball valve -- QH-QS-6
Ball valve -- QH-QS-6-1/8
Ball valve -- QHS-QS-6
Stop valve, manually operated In-line installation, can be screwed in, bulkhead fitting Variants: thread at both ends, push-in connector at both ends, thread/push-in connector
Ball valve -- QH-1
Ball valve -- QH-1 1/2
Ball valve -- QH-1/2
Ball valve -- QH-1/4
Ball valve -- QH-3/4
Ball valve -- QH-3/8
Stop valve, manually operated In-line installation Internal thread at both ends With hand lever Pipe thread to ISO 2281
Hand slide valve -- VBOH-32-G12
Hand slide valve -- VBOH-32-G14
Hand slide valve -- VBOH-32-G18
Hand slide valve -- VBOH-32-G34
Hand slide valve -- VBOH-32-G38
Hand slide valve -- VBOH-32-M5
Used as a shut-off function for pressurizing and exhausting compressed air systems, e.g. upstream of air preparation combination units, for air blow guns, and also for exhausting pneumatic cylinders Non-overlapping,...