Festo Corporation Datasheets for Machine Vision Systems

Machine vision systems are used for automated inspection and measurement in production environments.
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Product Name Notes
Ring light -- SBAL-C6-R-NR-D
Ring light -- SBAL-C6-R-R-D
Ring light -- SBAL-C6-R-W-D
Surface light -- SBAL-C6-A-NR
Surface light -- SBAL-C6-A-R
Surface light -- SBAL-C6-A-W
External lighting for vision sensor SBSI
Compact vision system -- SBOC-Q-R3C-WB Intelligent field-based camera Monochrome and color sensor For 2D quality inspection, position and rotary orientation sensing, reading of 1D and 2D codes, reading of optical characters (OCR) Integrated full PLC...
Checkbox -- CHB-C-N
Encoder -- TU-30/80-EC-L/R
Intelligent line camera with adaptive workpiece flow control and optical workpiece identification For orientation recognition and quality inspection of small moving parts Encoder connection Teach-in function
Code Reader -- SBSC-B-AF-R2B
Code Reader -- SBSC-B-AF-R3B
Object sensor -- SBSC-Q-AF-R2B
Object sensor -- SBSC-Q-AF-R3B
Universal sensor -- SBSC-U-AF-R2B
Universal sensor -- SBSC-U-AF-R3B
Reading 1D barcodes, 2D matrix codes and directly marked codes Equipped with position tracking and additional inspection algorithms High resolution of 1.3 megapixels Quick and powerful recognition algorithms BLOB function...
Control -- SBRD-Q Space-saving controller with dual-core processor and PROFINET communication Two camera interfaces for multi-camera tasks Up to 256 test programs Single frame capture or continuous image recording and checking Position and...
Lens protection tube -- SBAP-C9-S To protect the sensor against external influences
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-AF-R2B-F12-R
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-AF-R3B-F12-NR
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-AF-R3B-F12-R
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-AF-R3B-F12-W
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-AF-R3B-F6-NR
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-AF-R3B-F6-R
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-AF-R3B-F6-W
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F12-NR
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F12-NR-D
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F12-R
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F12-R-D
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F12-W
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F12-W-D
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F6-NR
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F6-NR-D
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F6-R
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F6-R-D
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F6-W
Code Reader -- SBSI-B-R3B-F6-W-D
Object sensor -- SBSI-Q-AF-R2B-F12-W
Object sensor -- SBSI-Q-AF-R3B-F12-NR
Object sensor -- SBSI-Q-AF-R3B-F12-W
Object sensor -- SBSI-Q-AF-R3B-F6-NR
Object sensor -- SBSI-Q-AF-R3B-F6-W
Object sensor -- SBSI-Q-R3B-F12-NR
Object sensor -- SBSI-Q-R3B-F12-W
Object sensor -- SBSI-Q-R3B-F6-NR
Object sensor -- SBSI-Q-R3B-F6-W
Vision sensor with integrated lighting/lens Enables reading of 1D/2D codes or quality inspection of parts Intuitive software for simple parameter setting All-in-one device with integrated lens, lighting, evaluation, and communication...