Festo Corporation Datasheets for Tube Fittings

Tube fittings connect runs of tubing for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations to other tubing sections, pipe, hose, and other fluid transfer components.
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Product Name Notes
Barb tubing fitting -- C-1/2-P-13
Barb tubing fitting -- C-1/4-P-6
Barb tubing fitting -- C-1/4-P-9
Barb tubing fitting -- C-1/8-P-6
Barb tubing fitting -- C-3/8-P-6
Barb tubing fitting -- C-3/8-P-9
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1-P-19
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1-P-19-NPT
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1/2-P-13
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1/2-P-13-MS
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1/2-P-9
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1/2-P-9-MS
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1/4-P-6
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1/4-P-6-MS
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1/4-P-9
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1/4-P-9-MS
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1/8-P-6
Barb tubing fitting -- N-1/8-P-6-MS
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/4-P-13
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/4-P-13-MS
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/4-P-19
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/4-P-19-MS
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/4-P-19-NPT
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/8-P-13
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/8-P-13-MS
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/8-P-6
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/8-P-6-MS
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/8-P-9
Barb tubing fitting -- N-3/8-P-9-MS
Barbed hose fitting with or without sealing ring Tubing clip to DIN 3017 Operating medium compressed air, vacuum Brass or aluminum, steel
Multi-tube connector -- KM-22-B Polymer, brass For max. 22 lines Used as control cabinet outlets Operating medium compressed air, vacuum
Multi-socket -- KDVF-16-B
Multi-socket -- KDVF-32-B
Multi-socket -- KDVF-5
Multi-socket -- KDVF-8
Multi-socket -- KDVF6-12
Multi-socket -- KDVF6-22
Multi-socket -- KDVF6-7
Terminal plug -- KSV-PK-2
Terminal plug -- KSV-PK-3
Terminal plug -- KSV-PK-4
Terminal plug -- KSV6-PK-6
Terminal socket -- KDV-PK-2
Terminal socket -- KDV-PK-3
Terminal socket -- KDV-PK-4
Terminal socket -- KDV6-PK-6
POM, aluminum, brass Multi-plug, multi-socket Terminal plug and terminal socket Operating medium compressed air, vacuum
Push-in bulkhead connector -- QSSK-10
Push-in bulkhead connector -- QSSK-12
Push-in bulkhead connector -- QSSK-4
Push-in bulkhead connector -- QSSK-6
Push-in bulkhead connector -- QSSK-8
Push-in connector, self-sealing -- QSK-10
Push-in connector, self-sealing -- QSK-12
Push-in connector, self-sealing -- QSK-4
Push-in connector, self-sealing -- QSK-6
Push-in connector, self-sealing -- QSK-8
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-1/2-12
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-1/4-10
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-1/4-6
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-1/4-8
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-1/8-4
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-1/8-6
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-1/8-8
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-3/8-10
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-3/8-12
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-3/8-8
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-G1/2-12
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-G1/4-10
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-G1/4-6
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-G1/4-8
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-G1/8-4
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-G1/8-6
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-G1/8-8
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-G3/8-10
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-G3/8-12
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-G3/8-8
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-M5-4
Push-in fitting, self-sealing -- QSK-M5-6
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-1/2-12
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-1/4-10
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-1/4-6
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-1/4-8
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-1/8-4
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-1/8-6
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-1/8-8
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-3/8-10
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-3/8-12
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-3/8-8
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-G1/2-12
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-G1/4-10
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-G1/4-6
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-G1/4-8
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-G1/8-4
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-G1/8-6
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-G1/8-8
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-G3/8-10
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-G3/8-12
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-M5-4
Push-in L-fitting, self-sealing -- QSKL-M5-6
Standard series Self-sealing push-in fitting blocks the air flow after the pneumatic tubing is disconnected PBT and nickel-plated brass Operating medium compressed air, vacuum
Barb fitting -- CN-1/4-PK-4
Barb fitting -- CN-1/4-PK-6
Barb fitting -- CN-1/8-PK-3
Barb fitting -- CN-1/8-PK-4
Barb fitting -- CN-1/8-PK-6
Barb fitting -- CN-3/8-PK-6
Barb fitting -- CN-M3-PK-2
Barb fitting -- CN-M3-PK-3
Barb fitting -- CN-M5-PK-2
Barb fitting -- CN-M5-PK-3
Barb fitting -- CN-M5-PK-4
Barb fitting -- CRCN-1/4-PK-4
Barb fitting -- CRCN-1/4-PK-6
Barb fitting -- CRCN-1/8-PK-3
Barb fitting -- CRCN-1/8-PK-4
Barb fitting -- CRCN-1/8-PK-6
Barb fitting -- CRCN-3/8-PK-6
Barb fitting -- CRCN-M5-PK-2
Barb fitting -- CRCN-M5-PK-3
Barb fitting -- CRCN-M5-PK-4
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-1/4-PK-4
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-1/4-PK-6
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-1/8-PK-3
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-1/8-PK-4
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-1/8-PK-6
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-3/8-PK-6
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-M3-PK-2
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-M3-PK-3
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-M5-PK-2
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-M5-PK-3
Barb T-fitting -- TCN-M5-PK-4
Barbed bulkhead connector -- SCN-PK-2
Barbed bulkhead connector -- SCN-PK-3
Barbed bulkhead connector -- SCN-PK-4
Barbed bulkhead connector -- SCN-PK-6
Barbed elbow fitting -- LCNH-1/4-PK-4
Barbed elbow fitting -- LCNH-1/4-PK-6
Barbed elbow fitting -- LCNH-1/8-PK-3
Barbed elbow fitting -- LCNH-1/8-PK-4
Barbed elbow fitting -- LCNH-1/8-PK-6
Barbed elbow fitting -- LCNH-3/8-PK-6
Barbed elbow fitting -- LCNH-M5-PK-2
Barbed elbow fitting -- LCNH-M5-PK-3
Barbed elbow fitting -- LCNH-M5-PK-4
Barbed L-connector -- L-PK-2
Barbed L-connector -- L-PK-3
Barbed L-connector -- L-PK-4
Barbed L-connector -- L-PK-6
Barbed T-connector -- FCN-3-PK-3
Barbed T-connector -- FCN-3-PK-3/2
Barbed T-connector -- FCN-3-PK-4
Barbed T-connector -- FCN-3-PK-6
Barbed T-connector -- FCN-3-PK-6/4
Barbed T-connector -- T-PK-2
Barbed T-connector -- T-PK-3
Barbed T-connector -- T-PK-4
Barbed T-connector -- T-PK-6
Barbed Y-connector -- Y-PK-2
Barbed Y-connector -- Y-PK-3
Barbed Y-connector -- Y-PK-4
Barbed Y-connector -- Y-PK-6
Straight shape, T-shape, L-shape, Y-shape Operating medium compressed air, vacuum Brass, POM, aluminum, or stainless steel