Festo Corporation Datasheets for Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors include all sensors, transducers and elements that produce an electrical signal proportional to pressure or changes in pressure.
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Product Name Notes
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-D10M-B-HQ4-2P-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-D10M-B-WQ4-2P-M12
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-D10Z-B-FQ4-2P-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-D10Z-B-HQ4-2N-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-D10Z-B-HQ4-2P-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-D2Z-B-FQ4-2P-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-D2Z-B-HQ4-2P-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-D6M-B-HQ4-2P-M12
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-D6M-B-HQ4-2P-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-V1M-B-HQ4-2P-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-V1Z-B-FQ4-2P-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-V1Z-B-HQ4-2N-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-V1Z-B-HQ4-2P-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE3-V1Z-H-HQ4-2P-M8
Five pressure measuring ranges Measurement of relative or differential pressure or two independent pressure inputs Switching output 2x PNP or 2x NPN Numerical and graphical pressure gauge Mounting: via H-rail,...
Pressure sensor -- SDE5-D10Z-FP-Q6-P-M8
Pressure sensor -- SDE5-D10Z-O-Q6-P-M8
Programmable and configurable pressure switch for simple pressure sensing tasks Threshold/window comparator Switching point adjustment by teach-in function Integrated microprocessor Switching status indicated by an LED visible from all sides...