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Grippers activate jaws or fingers to pick up, hold, or move work pieces in an automated or robotic system.
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Product Name Notes
Gripper jaw blank -- BUB-HGDT-25 gripper jaw blank BUB-HGDT-25- suitable for HGDT 3-point gripper. Size=25, Assembly position=Any, Corrosion resistance classification CRC=2 - Moderate corrosion stress, Ambient temperature=5 - 60 °C, Product weight per gripper jaw=10...
Gripper jaw blank -- BUB-HGDT-35 gripper jaw blank BUB-HGDT-35- suitable for HGDT 3-point gripper. Size=35, Assembly position=Any, Corrosion resistance classification CRC=2 - Moderate corrosion stress, Ambient temperature=5 - 60 °C, Product weight per gripper jaw=22...
Gripper jaw blank -- BUB-HGDT-40 gripper jaw blank BUB-HGDT-40- suitable for HGDT 3-point gripper. Size=40, Assembly position=Any, Corrosion resistance classification CRC=2 - Moderate corrosion stress, Ambient temperature=5 - 60 °C, Product weight per gripper jaw=60...
Gripper jaw blank -- BUB-HGDT-50 gripper jaw blank BUB-HGDT-50- suitable for HGDT 3-point gripper. Size=50, Assembly position=Any, Corrosion resistance classification CRC=2 - Moderate corrosion stress, Ambient temperature=5 - 60 °C, Product weight per gripper jaw=112...
Gripper jaw blank -- BUB-HGDT-63 gripper jaw blank BUB-HGDT-63- suitable for HGDT 3-point gripper. Size=63, Assembly position=Any, Corrosion resistance classification CRC=2 - Moderate corrosion stress, Ambient temperature=5 - 60 °C, Product weight per gripper jaw=222...
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-10-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-10-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-10-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-10-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-10-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-10-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-10-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-10-E-U-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-12-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-12-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-12-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-12-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-12-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-12-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-12-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-12-E-U-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-14-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-14-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-14-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-14-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-14-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-14-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-14-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-14-E-U-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-18-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-18-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-18-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-18-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-18-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-18-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-18-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-18-E-U-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-22-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-22-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-22-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-22-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-22-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-22-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-22-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-22-E-U-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-27-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-27-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-27-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-27-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-27-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-27-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-27-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-27-E-U-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-33-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-33-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-33-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-33-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-33-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-33-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-33-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-33-E-U-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-41-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-41-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-41-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-41-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-41-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-41-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-41-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-41-E-U-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-51-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-51-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-51-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-51-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-51-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-51-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-51-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-51-E-U-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-63-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-63-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-63-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-63-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-63-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-63-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-63-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-63-E-U-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-8-E-D-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-8-E-D-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-8-E-D-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-8-E-D-S-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-8-E-U-E-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-8-E-U-E-P
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-8-E-U-S-L
Bellows gripper -- DHEB-8-E-U-S-P
11 sizes for gripping diameter from 8 to 85 mm Direction of movement: bellows upwards or downwards Different bellows materials: EPDM or silicone Air connection on the side or from...
Parallel gripper -- HGP-16-A-B-SSK
Parallel gripper -- HGP-25-A-B-SSK
Double-acting piston actuator High gripping force with compact size Self-centering Suitable for external and internal gripping With protective dust cap for use in dusty environments (protection class IP54) Max. repetition...
Parallel gripper -- EHPS-16-A
Parallel gripper -- EHPS-20-A
Parallel gripper -- EHPS-25-A
Electric version of the pneumatically actuated parallel gripper DHPS Ideal for use as a front-end actuator thanks to its low dead weight Controller-free actuation using digital signals Adjustable gripping force...
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-10-A
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-10-A-NC
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-10-A-NO
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-16-A
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-16-A-NC
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-16-A-NO
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-20-A
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-20-A-NC
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-20-A-NO
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-25-A
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-25-A-NC
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-25-A-NO
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-35-A
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-35-A-NC
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-35-A-NO
Parallel gripper -- DHPS-6-A
Heavy-duty, precision T-slot guide for gripper jaws High gripping force with compact size Max. repetition accuracy Wide range of options for mounting on actuator units
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-10-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-10-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-10-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-12-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-12-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-12-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-16-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-16-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-16-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-20-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-20-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-20-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-25-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-25-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-25-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-32-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-32-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPP-32-A-G2
High-precision gripper jaw guide Suitable for external and internal gripping Very flexible thanks to versatile attachment, mounting, and application options
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-16-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-16-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-16-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-20-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-20-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-20-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-25-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-25-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-25-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-35-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-35-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-35-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-40-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-40-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-40-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-50-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-50-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-50-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-63-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-63-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-63-A-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-80-A
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-80-A-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPD-80-A-G2
Ideal for very harsh environments Precise gripping even at high torque load Max. gripping force with optimum installation space/force ratio 8 sizes with up to 40 mm total stroke Repetition...
Bernoulli gripper -- OGGB-100-G18-2
Bernoulli gripper -- OGGB-100-G18-2-Q
Bernoulli gripper -- OGGB-140-G18-2
Bernoulli gripper -- OGGB-140-G18-2-Q
Bernoulli gripper -- OGGB-60-G18-2
Bernoulli gripper -- OGGB-60-G18-2-Q
Ideally suited to transporting thin, extremely delicate and brittle workpieces Minimized workpiece contact, gentle workpiece handling Low energy costs thanks to minimized air consumption The ideal solution for minimal contact...
Angled gripper -- DHWS-10-A
Angled gripper -- DHWS-16-A
Angled gripper -- DHWS-16-A-NC
Angled gripper -- DHWS-25-A
Angled gripper -- DHWS-25-A-NC
Angled gripper -- DHWS-32-A
Angled gripper -- DHWS-32-A-NC
Angled gripper -- DHWS-40-A
Angled gripper -- DHWS-40-A-NC
Improved gripper jaw guide Slotted guide Internal fixed throttling, does away with the need for external throttling in 90% of applications Max. repetition accuracy Wide range of options for mounting...
Angled gripper -- HGWM-08-EO-G6
Angled gripper -- HGWM-08-EO-G7
Angled gripper -- HGWM-08-EO-G8
Angled gripper -- HGWM-08-EZ-G6
Angled gripper -- HGWM-08-EZ-G7
Angled gripper -- HGWM-08-EZ-G8
Angled gripper -- HGWM-12-EO-G6
Angled gripper -- HGWM-12-EO-G7
Angled gripper -- HGWM-12-EO-G8
Angled gripper -- HGWM-12-EZ-G6
Angled gripper -- HGWM-12-EZ-G7
Angled gripper -- HGWM-12-EZ-G8
Micro gripper: compact, handy design Mounting options with clamping spigot, with flange mounting, with Z stroke compensation Versatile thanks to externally adaptable gripper fingers
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-08-EO-G6
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-08-EO-G8
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-08-EO-G9
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-08-EZ-G6
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-08-EZ-G8
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-08-EZ-G9
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-12-EO-G6
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-12-EO-G8
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-12-EO-G9
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-12-EZ-G6
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-12-EZ-G8
Parallel gripper -- HGPM-12-EZ-G9
Micro gripper: compact, handy design Versatile thanks to externally adaptable gripper fingers Mounting options with clamping spigot, with flange mounting, with Z stroke compensation
Adaptive gripper finger -- DHAS-GF-120-U-BU
Adaptive gripper finger -- DHAS-GF-60-U-BU
Adaptive gripper finger -- DHAS-GF-80-U-BU
Self-adapting to different workpiece shapes Adaptive gripper fingers for gentle and flexible gripping, using the Fin Ray Effect® modelled on a fish tail fin For workpiece diameters from 6 to...
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-14-20-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-14-40-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-14-60-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-14-80-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-25-20-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-25-40-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-25-60-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-25-80-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-40-100-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-40-20-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-40-40-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-40-60-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-40-80-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-63-100-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-63-150-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPL-63-60-A-B
Space-saving, high forces and torques Controlled, precise, and centered gripping Long stroke: long guide length for the gripper jaws Suitable for external and internal gripping Opening stroke can be adjusted...
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-16-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-16-A-B-F
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-16-A-B-F-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-16-A-B-F-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-16-A-B-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-16-A-B-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-20-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-20-A-B-F
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-20-A-B-F-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-20-A-B-F-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-20-A-B-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-20-A-B-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-25-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-25-A-B-F
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-25-A-B-F-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-25-A-B-F-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-25-A-B-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-25-A-B-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-35-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-35-A-B-F
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-35-A-B-F-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-35-A-B-F-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-35-A-B-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-35-A-B-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-40-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-40-A-B-F
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-40-A-B-F-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-40-A-B-F-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-40-A-B-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-40-A-B-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-50-A-B
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-50-A-B-F
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-50-A-B-F-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-50-A-B-F-G2
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-50-A-B-G1
Parallel gripper -- HGPT-50-A-B-G2
Sturdy and powerful With T-slot guide Suitable for external and internal gripping Gripper jaw guide protected by sealing air against dust High-force variant available

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